This sounds like a stupid question but… what is daydreaming exactly? I am very very bad at visualization and therefore I have never had HI, so I wouldn’t really know what it looks like but I have some idea. Is daydreaming actually “seeing”? I mean I can imagine with my mind’s eye. So is that what you guys mean by daydreaming? Or is it literally day dreaming, as in being in a dream where you are actually seeing the stuff during the day?

really its just thoughts, but when i day dream i have little visuals in my head not exactly HI
no you arnt actually seeing nething

cough cough you shouldn’t say that this way chickenleggz … some people indeed DO see something when DayDreaming among them myself (not as clear as in dreams mind … but still … at the moment im for example imagining a cherry turning on a glass tablet :razz: )

When you daydream you basically imagine stuf (knowingly). You can daydream about eating pineapple, killing someone you hate, be with a loved one, you name it. You picture yourself in a different place, in a different situation, you can think about places you’ve never been to. It’s like dreaming but awake and not that vivid. Or you sometimes daydream about someone or something being there when it really isn’t (but you know it’s fake, you know it’s your imagination).
Daydreaming is one of my fave things to do. I love making up stories and stuff and it sure does make time fly when you’re in a boring class. :wink:

I don’t know, maybe I’m close to falling asleep, but I think daydreaming is like Lucid dreaming , only your awake and you can control your daydreams, instead of being asleep and controlling your dreams, I used to daydream all the time, before falling asleep. I wonder if recording them as if they were dreams would help with dream recall?

Im am not sure whether it really helps with lucidity , but that is actually very likly , its a good exercise for your fantasy , and thats for certain :smile:

No, I just mean dream recall in general, not lucidity.