Daytime in dreams?

Is it just me, or is it usually always night-time in dreams? Obviously its quite possible to have dreams that are set in the day-time aswell, but for me they always seem to be at night, or at least be kinda dark. I’ve have very few non-LDs that are in the day-time with the sun shining and all. So is it the same for everyone else or am I just weird?

I usually always dream in daytime even when I am lucid. It’s very rare for me to dream that takes place at nighttime. :shrug:

I have dreams in both day and night. Most of them are in day. I use to use the night to see the stars. Now I can see them in the daytime.

Same here, I get some dreams in nightime, but those are rather uncommon.Usually it´s daytime


umm i dream both as well,night and day, night time i usally go lucid and i am usaly with a girl :wink: as for the day? well i spose i spend most of my time in teh day so i dream about it, i think :bored:

and the night with some people can be acounted with fear so dreams of night might be nightmares ???


My Dreams always seem to always be in like some neon red/purple sunset, although that’s more recent. My dreams used to be monochromatic (IE. different shades of one colour, like blue, yellow or green). They always seem to be around sunset. Night happens occasionally. I also had a dream involving day recently, but they are pretty rare and involve boring things like real life… >.>

wow never thought about that cool

both… but usually in non-Lds i am inside so i dont know what time of day it is lol

insane goth i dk how long ur sig has been like that but i like it :content:

but i would say both

You know, I dream both at night and day but I can see equally well in both. The thing is… my days are never very bright in my dreams. Well, I should say hardly instead of never. Its usually gray skies instead of sunny or blue. And a lot of my settings are dingy. Even when I’m at the beach its usually cloudy and gray.

I love night though. The night skies in my dreams are always amazing. Like the sky in Contact when Jody Foster is on her “trip.”

I’ve had an LD that took place in the day, 2 LDs that took place at night, and an LD that took place in the evening.

I know what you are talking about LostBoy. I love the night sky in my dreams. Words can’t describe the beauty. I wish I had posters of what I saw so I could put them on my wall and enjoy them more often.

Yea, its not really so much that its always night, it just always dark, or darkish. I guess I couldn’t really tell if its night or day. It could pass as a light night or a dark day.

hmm dreamwalker, why dont you paint it,or draw it just take your time and look at the work you have done. and dont tell me you cant draw, learn it in a ld if u cant :smile:


I agree with you about painting or drawing it but I can’t. I can’t draw or paint I could learn to in my dreams but it’s not that. I can never duplicate such beauty again. Even If I did it wouldn’t be the same. It wouldn’t have the realness the feelings.

But don’t worry I can see them any time I want. all I have to do is close my eyes and clear my mind and I can see them again. Not as good as the first time but it’s still alot better than not seeing them. :grin:

timeless… about a week os so moybe longer :tongue:

it’s a quote from one of Stephen King’s books.

I hardly ever have any nighttime dreams. Most of my dreams usually take place indoors, but if i’m outside it’s almost always Daytime.

For me, it tends to be very mixed. Last night, I had a dream that took place partially in the day, but mostly at night, and both indoors and outdoors, in lots of different places. My dreams don’t stay very consistent; they tend to be completely different each time. The people change, the environment changes, heck, the time period even changes. This is kinda entertaining, but it might be neat to have a consistent dreamscape, although I guess it might get boring.

Just about an even split for me. Funny thing about the day-time worlds they are bright and sunny…funny because my real world days are mostly grey and rainy here on the coast in the Pacific Northwest.

Night skies? Way cool. May be all the time i’ve spent in the astronomy books looking at artist’s rendetions of worlds beyond? Cool to look up and see something like Saturn and it’s moons. That’ll get you to realize your dreaming! Here’s one: do a web search for Aurora Borealis (sp?) and look/study those pictures and how they are created…might show up in your dreams occasionaly as they do mine.


Yeah I know what your talking about Accrete. I love space like sceens I see in my dreams. Once ther was this planet with moons and comets circling around it. it reminded me of an atom for some reason. Man I love the dream night sky.