DC generator!!!!

I have been making a character for a long time in my head, I might use her for CALD but first I wanted to Finish her apearance. In a LD could I make some sort of character maker, like in videogames where you can design your characters with all the differnt parts. Has anyone ever done this?

After reading through the CALD topics, it seems a lot of people use LD DC to make characters and refine them.

Well ofc you can!
Like we allways anwser to these questions “you can do anything you want in a dream”
Happy dreaming!

I know that, but with things like this I always do better when someone says that you can or that they tryed and it worked for them. :content:

This is a new one for me…I did brush over the thought once but that was not using a machine it was using myself to ‘replicate’ the character by expecting to see it in the mirror as my reflection and then…‘shake hands’ with it…LOL…never tested it but yeah your idea is new…:smile:.


Darn I kept looking for a DC generator, I tryed the behind the door there will be a dream character generator.