DC Jokes. Hmmm...

I just had this random idea: get a DC or your SC represented as a DC to tell you the funniest joke in the world! Hopefully your mind would come up with something hilarious :happy: . But if it’s really funny, you might wake up because you’re laughing so much! :lol:

looks like a good idea man (i had a thread about that ages ago :lol: )
it would be very interresting to see what our SC finds funny , and … if we would find it funny AFTER waking up (its sayed often that you can dream the answer and it makes perfect sense … but upon waking it is total nonsense :razz: )

lol. I wonder what things a DC would answer with if you asked them things about their personalty. You should try that too.

Interesting. Perhaps the universal collective subconscious would put together a joke using such complex logic, and all of history. It would be funny to a dangerous degree perhaps (see video!)

The Funniest Joke In The World

I’m definitely telling that Monty Python joke…

In dreams. You can find things funny that does not seem funny IRL, as we know. But there is still the humour of how funny you thought it was, even though it was not. Not that it must be a dream character that thinks of the joke. In one dream I met Dr Evil and someone else, they asked me to do my Dr Evil impression. It wasn’t very good. But We all laughed really really hard, because of the hilarity of doing an impression of dr Evil for dr Evil and knowing it was bad, but with that little similarity, which is the essense of how you precieve him. Or maybe I was laughing because I was having such a good time, in good company.

Wow, I really want to try this!

I can just imagine what my SC would come up with. Wish I could LD more often. :sad:

Drei peanuts ver valking down the strasse and vun vas assaulted… peanut… hahahaha

My subconcious has shown itself to be awkward and an idiot. I doubt mine could make a decent joke. Mine would probably say “Why the hell should I tell you a joke? Get your own.”

hmmmm… maybe your SC isn’t really “an idiot”… maybe it’s an eccentric genius!! just a thought. :slight_smile:
like L from deathnote :happy:

Haha…Monty Python is the greatest team of geniuses this world has ever known.

it wasn’t a joke, but in my dream when i checked my hands, all my fingers looked stubby like midget hands and i laughed really hard