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What is the number?

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Ok, I tried this with a friend of mine and was unsuccessful, but would like to try it with a larger group to compile some real statistics. My theory is that there is indeed some plane of communication between humans traditional science doesn’t know about, and I want to find out whether or not it is more active in LDs than in RL. Here’s the procedure: In your next lucid dream, summon me as you see fit(behind a door, behind you, out of thin air, whatever) and(after telling me I’m dreaming of course :content: ) ask me what the number I’m thinking of is. it will be one of the choices below. I will make every effort to think about and dream about this number in the next couple weeks. theoretically it should be a 25%-25%-25%-25% split if there is no means of communication. Thanks for your help.

Ehm ChicoRaton lol it seems to be my chicoraton night lol following your posts hehe…

Ok…lets role :smile:

Hypnosis and rem sleep share a lot, are much the same!
Both levels at consciousness of pure association and suggestion.
Well many ppl under hypnosis seem to answer a question even before it is spoken to them…sort of telepathy.
That could probably also be the case when we communicate in dreams with others. Probably like under hypnosis ppl are also when they dream more sensitive for this because rational layers and thinking are less dominant then when we are awake., so we are a bit more aware of all around us. This is not science yet, mabye never will. We will c :wink:


Id give more numbers to choose from if you want it to be more “provable”.With only 4 numbers you can get heaps of correct answers-just by simple stastistics error.
good luck:)

Jack, I agree with you totally that it can increase the chance of getting a correct answer since it’s 1 out of 4 chance. It’s a bit too high. It’d be a lot better and more proof-able if you have at least 10 choices or more.

I have had some telepath experiences. All I can say is that if you become nervous or know that someone wants an answer, it won’t work as well as it does if you don’t know. I think it has something to do with the stress. You don’t function very well under stress also your subconscious can be a stubborn mind sometimes when it gets to the stress.

Perhaps we can test different functions and see if it affects telepathy or as it is said… ‘reading other DC’s mind’ ability.

Also Jeff is right about hypnosis… I have read something that it happened when people are under hypnosis, they seem to know what to answer before they were asked.

Anyways, it should be very interesting to find out! Keep it up. I’ll try and do it in my next LD if I remember to. :cool:

i think those alternative number vote should have been ditched totally, instead would be better if people posted the numbers here instead… with such few alternatives, there is a big chance that someone just guesses it… Allready 2 votes…

Oops I just voted without reading the posts… too late…

LOL tomas i did guess and not use my intuition because i was so tired and so low on oxygen i just picked a number random not using my feeling lol
so u are a bit right heheheh that can happen :wink:

Smart cookie tomas :smile:


Hmm you’re probably right about people posting what numbers thewy got but I wanted it to be freeof any suggestion from others… like if someone says that number another person might be more likely to pick the same number…if that akes any sense at all :content: I probably should have put more than 4 numbers but I think I’ll just leave it and when people stop voting I’ll figure out the percent error and find out whether there is any significant deviance from what would be considered standard statistic tolerance.

oh yeah… that is also very true…

DOH! I’m sorry, I read that wrong, so my vote for ‘42’ shouldn’t count. Sorry. Uh, it’ll be a while before I get around to doing that. I wonder why I’m having no lucid dreams. Oh, that’s right. I’m not trying.

42 is the meaning of life, the universe and everything (Hitch-hiker’s guide to the Galaxy).

That is probably why 42 got so many votes… :smile:

However 42 is also the number of Darren Sharper’s jersey, safety for the green bay packers…

lol dan 42 every1 is choosin it nice nice, alright i will give it a go :happy:

besides all of that…

it’s most common if people 'don’t have an opinion about which one to choose from a A, B, C, D, choise menu, C will be the most chosen answer, after that B.

So if the correct number isn’t C I guess this could be still very interesting

Besides that, the chance you put the right answer on the C spot is much higher… a little less for the B spot.

But besides that people seem to choose the same number, the people who don’t want there answer to be guessed easily, on the same spot :smile:

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13 out of 21 voted for the same number as me! O_O

what already has been logical explained

blushes I must learn to read before i post