DCs - Do your DCs usually get given a name?

I find that unless the DC is based on a real person either from face to face contact, the internet or someone famous, that my DCs are usually not given names by by subconscious.

As a result, the rare DCs that actually get given a name stand out. So far I only have a few named DCs.

  • Estelle
  • Micheal Angelo
  • Father Mallory
  • Mr Blake (the loan shark)

I can’t recall any named DC… :sad:
Though I’m determined to find out the name of a particular DC who I just call The Stranger :peek:

i have some dc’s:

*hawis (i can only hear her voice, kinda inner voice)
*the informer (that one haven’t said his name yet, that’s how i call him.)

points to Names in Dreams List in signature :smile:

I’m just the same, I guess I want to try and find out the names of some of my DC’s now.

One of my dc is called Fordtz. she’s a name given by my sc anyway cus i never heard that name anywhere b4. thats the only dc i asked what her name was. :happy:

Very often DC’s are nameless, but there is the occasional DC with a name. The weird thing for me is that they don’t usually tell me their names, I just know.

That’s how i usually get the infos in my dream…
It’s created by your mind,so you know it.
Well,most of my DCs are ppl i know IRL.
But i had DC called Puku…and he was some sort of yellow piggy…
And once i dreamed about one of my friends,whose name i always forgot,so my mind created the name “Stevie” :tongue:

I only have one.

She’s a little girl, only about six.
I’ve givin her the name “earwig” based on what she’s called me. she’s been in about 3 of my dreams. I believe her to be my spirit guide.

I’m sure there’s others…I just can’t think of any at the moment… :eh:

My spirit guide is actaully hawk. :tongue: . It somehow just looks at me, and I get the feeling of what it is saying. It has been in about 20 of my LD’s. It once asked it its name, and it said my brother’s name, Michael. :smile:

Well… if I meet new people in dreams they do not get a name indeed. Strange. :open_mouth:

Im sure ive had people in my dreams with names before… like teachers and things.
It happens very rarely though.
And sometimes i talk to DCs and call them by someone i know IRL – but their not actually them :razz:

Well, the animals in my dreams sometimes have names : such as Gerald the fox… :neutral:
And once, I had neighbours called Pomme (french for apple) and Adam Disney… :mrgreen:

But usually, the people in my dreams are not named… Except once, I asked my subconscious to give names to my DCs, but this happened only once…

Ooh, I was just going to start a thread for this because I couldn’t find one. Neat.

Anyway, I have a list:

Bowling Bonnie
King Leather
Lucy Bear
Rainbow Girl

There are probably more, but I couldn’t think of them at the time. As you can see, these things generally go from “almost possible” to, uh… “Brooleen.” Or possibly the one that was actually two digits instead of a word. I’m not sure which of those wins for most “huh?”

Most of my DCs don’t seem to have a name. Even my single recurring DC has never given me her name. After keeping a dream journal for years, I’ve only had a few DCs (that weren’t based on anything from RL) who have been referred to by name. There was one named Gas, and I think there was at least one other DC with a name, but I don’t remember what it was without looking back through my DJ… Maybe I should start a list of named DCs from my dreams if I ever encounter any more.

On the other hand, I have seen DCs with forum usernames. Those aren’t particularly common, either, but I do see them from time to time.

OOh! I just met another DC with a name. This happened around 2 or 3 nights ago…maybe 5 im not sure.

I asked for my spirit guide, and he came out of the bushes. He was a little older than me, I’d say hes a freshman. I asked him what his name was and he told me “blake” I asked if he was my spirit guide, but he never got to answer, because I woke up as soon as he opened his mouth

Could I have 2 spirit guides? :eh:

… he gets around :tongue:

I just got a new named DC last night Paula

This night I dreamt about someone I do not know in real life who had a given name. =O I cannot remember the actual name, but I do recall she did have a given name. ^^

It’s very rare that a DC has a name in any of my dreams unless the DC in queston is based on a person in WL or one of my original characters. (Lairuna, RANDOM and STOLID, Kimor…to name a few) but there are some very exclusive exceptions like Maridadi, the ferret raised by a brontosaur who survives by eating whatever she can get her hands on, even if that means other ferrets or even humans :tongue:

she’s also an expert in the human cardiovascular system…go figure, huh? :help:

Recurring DCs, yes.