DC's freezing up?

I noticed that once, in one of my LD’s, my DCs froze up. I was in the middle of a dessert wearing a suit and tie, and sunglasses, kind of reservoir dogs style. I was walking towards a line of people who were my best friends at the time, and they were all walking in unison, dressed in a similar fashion. I realized, “what the hell?” and became lucid. I told them I knew I was dreaming, and they kind of looked at me like Crap! he figured it out!, and just kept staring at me. I tried to talk to them but they just gave me blank stares. Eventually they just walked away again… does this happen often?

Try checking out the “Testing the Realness of DCs” topic in the Lab :smile: It seems these characters were “Hollows” or something like this…

It seems some DCs do stuff like this :happy: Check out the topic for more info.

I checked out that topic and yep, you were right, they were either stupids or hollows, haha. Thanks for the info, everyone in this forum is very helpful :grin:

Thanks :razz: