DCs: not very helpful

Recently I have been paying a lot of attention to my dream characters. The first thing I do in my lds is talk to them, ask them questions relevant to my life and all that but they are so stupid. They never say anything very interesting and they often repeat themselves. I’ve heard some people have really cool dc encounters but mine seem to be stuck in a rut. (Or, I seem to be stuck in a rut!) In any case, are they really as lifeless to everybody else as they are to me or is it JUST me? Convinced that my subconscious has some interesting things to say, I will continue this pursuit but pretty soon I will get to the point where I fly around the whole time and not waste another ld second on these dream characters.

SOmetimes they can be interesting but if I want them to do something funny I just command them to and it works fine

[color=indigo]Hello fellows,
I’ve found that DC’s that are people I know, they seem to be much more responsive, more life like then strangers. Some strangers that I find meaning in later, they are quite interesting. Any normal person that is just there because it’s a social setting though, they can be quite strange.


When I get bored with DC’s, I just remember two words; mind telepathy :gni:. Sometimes you can make them do some crazy things, just by making “mental suggestions”. Poor DC’s…

If you want an intelligent conversation, then go find an intelligent looking DC.
Just try to find DC-versions of the people you consider the most intelligent in waking life. Your subconscious will expect them to behave the way they do in the real world.

Hey, that’s a good idea. Thanks :smile:

you might want to check out the DC experiment in the lab, i suspect you so far only encountered the zombie ones but there are different kinds of DCs

testing the ‘realness’ of DCs

Yeah, I found that thread shortly after posting this topic.

Reminds me of one time I was lucid in a room, turned around and saw a young teen standing there. I said, “Are you my dream guide?” (I was stuck on the dumb ass dream guide idea hehe). He just shrugged.

I asked him to show me something cool…he responded, “What do you want to know?” I was STUMPED he answered my question with a question. I said uhh…show me how to make a fireball (Somethign I had been trying to do but failed over and over).

He held out his hand and a small fireball appeared, But was NOT a fireball, was more of a syraphome ball with fire like attributes (color and shape). I said, “How did you do that?” He said, “What?” . I said, “Make that fireball just appear in your hand?” (I always had to look away or openand close my hand to ‘manifest things’)

He said, “You just do it” …blah hehe.

Well, I still had to open and close my hand, but I got a styrafome fireball like his in my hand and he then said, “Crush it”. I looked up and he crushed his fireball in his hand…I did the same thing, and it felt JUST LIKE STYRAFOME, but way more crushable and pretty much disintigrated in my hand.

I was like, “NICE!”

Thats about as much i’ve gotten out of any dream character…1 of about oh…7 or so. Most have been fairly zombie like.

I also saw my dead Grandma as a DC, that was pretty awesome too, she was much less zombie like, but not tooooo responsive to me. *she was a WONDERFUL hug though…and probably one of most meaningful things i’ve done in a LD, even though it was just a DC. I know what it represented, and her warm arms hugging me was awesome.


though im not as experienced as you of course, i think ive got a cent or two to chip in, hehe.

However then again they could be currency of another country because this is from non lucid dreams, well wait no one of them was lucid…anyways in my experience dream characters tend to be very real (though of course varying in degrees of intelligence, i dont like that word id like to think of it as more like awareness, but thats besides the point), they tend to have personalities, and in conversation they are very much like real people (convincing enough to me that i pick up on subtle messages, vibes or what they are feeling, whether they are hiding something or thinking, etc. just like in real life). I doubt however that if such dreams continued for longer than usual they would ‘deepen’ like real people (though some cases i now recall speak interestingly otherwise). Also, one thing ive noticed is that these ‘characters’ in my dreams that seem real tend to be people i know in real life (old friends, new ones, acquaintances, etc), ive only had one or two instances where id speak with a complete stranger that seemed a genuine person in my dreams. Ive had maybe 1 lucid dream with these characters, no lucid dreams with dumb characters (note that maybe its just me then), and in that 1 though i was semi lucid the person still seemed real enough, almost amused at me asking all these weird questions, but with a vibe that showed he knew i knew it was a dream. As for all the other dreams with these ‘characters’ its never about light stuff either, but more like spiritual and happiness kind of material that we talk about. Usually these dreams are very insightful though they are not lucid, if they are about people i know in waking reality, due to the idea that they very most likely represent my subconscious view or understanding of them. Maybe in that respect its a good thing i dont have much experience with lucid cuz then the concept of dumb dream characters may spill over into my non lucid dreams, which are just as valuable.

Anyways hope that was a little insightful.