DC's that are watching me

I actually already posted this in some other topic that I made earlier, but I think it was a bit too off-topic for that topic so I am making a new one.

Well, basically, I am feeling uneasy when DC’s are watching me when I am doing something out of the ordinary, even though I know that I am dreaming. Here’s an example from my dream from yesterday (taken from that other topic):

[color=indigo][i]Had an awesome LD this morning. A DC made me lucid by saying I was dreaming etc, and then he gave me hints on flying etc. Haha it was so awesome talking to him. He told me, (Or I told him, I can’t remember) “Maybe we’ll meet again”. So who knows ^^

At some point I was in a train with a lot of passengers (while still lucid), and I saw a nice girl sitting there too. However, I am still afraid of my surroundings, and therefore didn’t dare to do anything because I knew I was going to get laughed at. I tried thinking “Don’t worry, don’t worry, this is just a dream, there won’t be any consequences” but I didn’t even dare to hug or talk to her or something. How do I overcome that… ‘fear’? [/i][/color]

The dream was pretty realistic and I saw some classmates watching me as well, so that made it even more… awkward.

I think (not sure though) that I am not afraid of the consequences, but rather for the moment it is happening (like when I am getting laughed at or something)

Are you “SHY” in you real world ? Try to not think what will happen while you’re lucid… JUST DO WHAT YOU WANT ! Nothing can harm you… The world is harmless and everything will stay only in your mind…

Its often that you are thinking or fearing and expecting so that influences the environment. The solution is to think about each thought and belief you have while you are dreaming and catch them in the moment and replace them with how you want.

There are DCs that are not governed so much by our mind. Like some girl went into my room and hit me in the head with a razor and told me to shave, then she had a guy come after me. I kicked him out of the room easy but this wasn’t anything I consciously generated at all. it simply happened through the course of a ND. MY Nd and Ld are similar dream powers and minor lucidity are evident in it.

So you tell yourself something like that its normal to be lucid dreaming and the environment doesn’t matter you can do what you want and the dreamers , hm, i don’t even think much about them> i was walking around a lake wondering why no one else was recently

Those are good points. Ok, I’ll keep it in mind. I just have to really make myself believe that it’s JUST a dream, and nothing can happen. :happy:

Thanks, I’ll post back here if I have anything new to report.