Dealing with nightmares :(

I’ve been having trouble with nightmares lately – two just within the past three days. :eek: They are occurring along with very long, very vivid dreams in which I occasionally reach lucidity.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to deal with nightmares in the dream state, especially when lucid? Any interesting personal experiences you’d like to share?

Also, has anyone ever experienced an increase in nightmares along with a general increase in REM sleep? Thanks.

I’ve heard that simply confronting your fears in a lucid dream will make them go away.
When you are lucid you should know that your nightmare can’t hurt you so try facing whatever it is and show yourself it is harmless.

I like nightmares in some way, they are more vivid than my other dreams. Anyways, since this probably isn’t of much help to you, have a look at this: … e+confront

There I’ve written down my theory about overcoming nightmares in 4 steps.

  1. Learn how to pull out
  2. Fight the danger/opponent
  3. Defend yourself without fighting / Ignore it
  4. Try to find out what it means / Make friends

it isnt easy to help when you dont tell us anything about the nightmare…

if its some guy thats following u, and u think he is boing to kill u or something like that, then just wait till u get lucid, stop, turn around and face him/her/it and ask what that jackass is doin in ur dream and why. then just give ur enemy a swift kick in the face, assuming the dope has a face, and go fuck some chick/guy, depending on what ur fetish is :tongue:

it could be even worse having nightmare while lucid.
it once happened to me. some men in black invaded in a house where i was. they had guns and started shooting. everyone hided but not me. i was laughing like ‘you cant kill me, im dreaming!!’ next thing i know one of them hit me and i was down…i was actually dying while lucid… not quite fine filing
maybe i should do something then…but what did i know, very unexperienced in dreaming

Sage Goddess

There are many ways to deal with nightmares. Do you mind sharing what your nightmare was or at least a general description of it. We might be able to give you more specific advice on how to deal with them.

If there are monsters, face them and ask who they are or what they want. Your fear makes the monsters. No fear, no more monsters.
For instance, if in a dream you start running, it will probably create a monster running after you.

In an dream, I was chased by werewolves. When I realized it was a dream, I felt stronger and went back to fight them.
I have always problem with wolfes, indeed ! I remember two LD more : in the first, a wolf jumped very high in my direction while I was flying, and I woke up. But in the next LD, when I saw the wolf, I don’t know why, I thought it could be a friend, and it became a friend. :content:
Yes, another one : I had a FA and there was a strange creature on my bed : a sort of 1 meter high black stick, jumping everywhere and feeling electric. :eek:
I had a strong repulsion and fear, :shy: but I asked it who it was. I don’t remember if I had a response, but almost immediatly, I had no more interest or fear in it, and I went out flying by the window.

There is no correlation. Find out the cause of the nightmares in some change or stress in RL. But how do you know there is an increase in REM sleep ? Isn’t it instead a increase of dream recall ? This could also happen, in my experience, when you have to resolve a problem in your RL.

There are a number of ways:

  1. wake yourself up (easy enough… I find most people are born with this ability in nightmares)

  2. Ask a DC (especially if its what trying to harm you) why you’re having the nightmare (though its usually quite obvious: eg. fear of death which is why someone is trying to kill you)

  3. Beat the crap outta it.

go into “take off!” and then click “nightmares” have a bit of a read, that should help you a bit :content:

Don’t get me started on nightmares.

Did someone say that it can’t hurt you? Not to be a cynic but I was kicked in my hip in a nightmare and walked funny for days.

Also (to the starter of this thread) for a week or two a while ago I had at least four a night. My (bad) strategy of coping was to lay down and accept the punishment in the metaphorical sense. I did this purely because no matter what I did they wouldn’t go away, so whats the point.