Dealing with shadow people (nicely)

Yeah, I know, real original, right? I’ve been having some theoretical “shadow people” showing up in my lucid dreams a few times, though I’m not sure why I’m certain they’re shadow people given that I have never seen them, and their closest manifestation was a humanoid wax statue.

The thing is, every time when I notice their presence, I’m overcome with fear and feel the need to flee. You can understand how that’s disruptive to my enjoyment of my dreams. But! I don’t feel like they’re malicious, necessarily. In the case that they are real entities and not just part of my subconscious, I heard shadow people tend to be dead spirits, and I think it’d be kind of rude to kick out my dream spectators just because I have an irrational fear of them.

Does anyone have any advice on, I don’t know… attuning myself to them so that they don’t scare me as much?

You should really read “the art of dreaming” by carlos castaneda. It’s a very interesting book and talks alot about shadow people in dreams. tell me what you think about it when you read it.
& can you maybe describe these shadows more detailled? there are a lot of shadow entities in dreams I think.