Dealing with unruly monsters

I have a problem because I have found that my monsters simply stem from unresolved subconcious issues and while one option may simply be to kill them or fight them. I really want to befriend them to understand why they’re so unruly. I’m quite certain it has something to do with my own lack of confidence to control my own mind but I was looking for tips on dealing with your monsters in a constructive manner so I can understand their purpose and befriend them. But at the same time get them to be willing to stop what their doing (as an attacker) and talk openly with me because often times when I try to stop and ask things like “Why are you here?” or “What are you trying to tell me?” they generally ignore me because I don’t feel in control and they just continue to persue me and kill me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as getting over my past demons and understanding them is something of great importance to me.

Thanks everyone! :smile:

Well. here’s an idea. Try using dream powers to simply stop the monster, like. hold it up in the air with telekinesis. And try to be courageous. Remember that they say that monsters often transform into less threatening things when you contront them! If it doesn’t, try to transform it yourself! Remember that you want to find out it’s true nature! So, just try to make it less threatening. But ofcourse if you got so far as to suspend it in the air you have already made it harmless.