Decalcifying your pineal gland?!

I’ve watched some movies and read about decalcifying your pineal gland which would generally help you to become lucid because of all the functions the pineal gland has when it comes to dreaming in general.

So there are many ways to do that using various ingredients. One that is the most common and the easiest to get is lemon.

Well I try that for one night. As usual I would make myself a tea (Twinings Earl grey tea) before sleep time and last night I used lemon with it. I do that often but the only difference was that after that I drank one glass of lemonade. (I used 1 lemon)

… and sometime at the night I did become lucid. It was dream induced dream and for the record this doesn’t happen for me often, lately very very rarely. So in the dream from the first second I remember it I was lucid. I lost lucidity few times but regain it again.

Won’t go into details of the dream but this might just be a coincidence but other then using lemon I didn’t do anything else that might raise my chance of becoming lucid, well nothing different then usual…

You can watch videos about it and read but I ques it’s worth to try it, if nothing else it will help you to fight the cold in the days that are coming! :content:

Good luck!

So ok, I decided to treat this as a little experiment…

2nd night went without spontaneous lucidity but “day residue” was strong in the dream. To make a story more clear I’ll explain. So I was driving from work and there were amazing clouds on the sky. They kinda made a story, well long story short I saw a moon which was specially large. Still pale blue color because there was a lot of sun light but it was enormous.

As usually for things that surprise me I did RC. Didn’t dream but it still left and “WOW” feeling. And that’s what I’ve been dreaming about last night. About enormously big moon. Sadly I didn’t do RC as I did in WL but what the heck, still a lot more of recall then previous nights…

Will see what’s going to happen tonight!! :content:

3rd night went also very good. Dream recall seems to be much better then usual and still not doing anything special.

I guess this really works. Maybe combining it with more effort and other techniques this could really work.

As usual when I’m doing experiments I’m trying to not mix things because then I can be sure if somethings works or not, at least for me so I would advice to try this…

Good luck y’all!


So u mean to say, drinking ‘Lemon Juice’ before bedtime helps ‘Decalcifying’ Pineal Gland which in turn, helps u become lucid that night?

Worth a try…


You could call it: LJILD: Lemon juice induced Lucid dreams :smile:

I am in another experiment, trying to find out if you can train to get better in wild and how. But my overall dreamrecall really sucks, so I will give it a try.
Had an LD this night, so I am not complaining, but a little more dreamvividness would be an excellent boost for my training experiment I guess.

Tx for the suggestion and sharing your experiences.

Well yes, it seems that way… Like I said if nothing else it will help you to fight cold… :tongue:

It’s really to early to say if it works but keep it constant for a week and see if there are any major changes or just changes…

The day before yesterday I did a hole lemon in my tea, tasted awful, I don’t know if it had effect, I has a rather vivid dream, that’s a fact, so maybe…

Give it time and it may help you. Also positive attitude would help, if tastes awful in tea try in in some other combination…

Hmm, I’ve never heard of this before, but it’s worth a try… even if this does turn out to be a placebo, that still means it’s having an effect, right?

@dreamystivi they also make actual lemon tea if that’s more palatable to you… I myself am partial to Celestial Seasonings’ “Lemon Zinger” with a teaspoon of honey for sweetness; you might want to give that a shot?
(I suppose I ought to make it into a habit as well, instead of my usual blueberry ;])

That’s my thinking too. I mean how you get to the result it is not that important as the result itself…

What a great topic! I have fallen off my active lucid practice these last several months, however lucid dreaming has still remained in the back of my mind and passes through my thoughts daily so I have had some random DILDS.

Anyways this is my first time back on the forums since my interests have been renewed and I see this thread. So I google and find a wealth of knowledge and it peaks my interests! This will be something I need to try very soon!