Deep Sleep Series - Horror games based on lucid dreaming

Has anyone ever played the Deep Sleep games? If you haven’t, I’ll provide the links to them at the end of the post.

These are point-and-click horror games about lucid dreaming. In the first game, you’re having your very first lucid dream, that also happens to be a terrible nightmare. Mysterious creatures are after you, trying to escape to the waking world by killing you and taking over your body.

In the second game, you’ve woken up from the previous nightmare and head to a local library to find out if anyone else had the same nightmare you did. But you find a creepy note and find out that you’re dreaming again. Now the creatures are actively hunting you for what you did in the previous game. This game delves deeper(pun not intended) into the realm you’re trapped in, as do you. The creatures chasing you are called the Night Folk, and that there are other dreaming people with you.

These games are part of the reason I got so interested in lucid dreaming, as they’re both so awesome. They’re really scary though, just so you know. But it creates such a great world around such an intriguing concept that I find them so irresistible, to the point I constantly play them despite the fact that they don’t scare much anymore(I still get a few chills though). Here’s the links to them if you wanna try:

Deep Sleep -
Deeper Sleep -

Beware the Night Folk…


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That’s how I felt at the end of the first one… Okay… no more spoilers.

Quite interesting though, crapcarp. Very fun indeed. ^^ Now to play number two.

Oh, and I would suggest that a mod move this to the Lucidity Centerstage forum as that’s a more appropriate place for this.

Love it…I believe I found new training grounds… :ebil:

quite fun. Hadn’t played before, but played now. I hope I can trap myself in a lucid like that. Nightmare or otherwise would be awesome. I love both. :confused: Reminds me of…
Can I link to Youtube videos here? I haven’t looked over the rules for linking. I guess if he can link to Kongregate, then I can link to Youtube.