Deepening lucid dreams

I 've read on a website ( that it says if you fall backwards in a dream with your eyes closed, thinking that you want to make the dream into a deeper sleep, to improve vividness.

I’ve never heard of this method. What are your opinions?

I tried this once and it is hard to explain but well, I missed the ground and started flying. It did increase the clearness of the dream though.

If you do that, then what?

Then you dream clearness/vividness is increased, which leads to a more stable dream and a new dream scene.

I just took a quick moment to read the article though I did not read it in depth, It appears to be describing a technique to increase realness and lucidity. I don’t think the author was saying to actually fall backwards in your dreams. He said some lucid dreamers imagine them selves falling back wards. The article also mentions using meditation. Anyway, the point of the article is about the importance of staying calm when you first become lucid so you don’t wake up.

I see. I didn’t read it enough then.

However, both works. The imaginary falling and the actual falling in your dream. I have tried both of them… always bring more vividness to my dream or even take me to into deeper trance… non-rem stage.

Enjoy! :wink:

i’ve tried meditation and sometimes it actually serves to wake me up, as when i clear my head in the dream and lose focus of all surroundings, i become aware of my sleeping body.

but i’ve never heard of the falling technique, it makes sense.

You do know that this was one of laburge experiments to see weather or not it helped with lucid dreaming. he thought that you had to totaly relax 2 stay lucid and he tryed it but this always made him wake up. So then he tryed movment and that helped him a lot, ie spinning.

i will get to that article now

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holy reality

Yes any kind of movement can intensify your LD. Spinning or flying can help you. I have not tried the meditation or hypnosis in a LD mostly because of what you said. Relaxation can cause you to loose the dream. However, I do plan to experiment with it at some point. Dm7 and Jeff have talked about some amazing experiences with hypnosis or meditation in a LD.

oh yes, med in a ld if done right is the key to a real experince, it is just knowing how to do it that is the hard part. Jeff explained it to me a long time ago, def the right person to ask and DM7 to. last time i tryed it i had to drop lucidity to keep in contact with the dream , when it stabilized i regarned lucidity tryed again and woke up. hmm still need more prac at med. that was over a year ago now

Now I am curious about this again. I’ll have to go back and read Jeff’s posts again. Maybe I’ll try it this week.

I prayed once in a dream. It was an impressive experience for me…

Link to the account in my dream diary: