DEILD - Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream

Work excellent for me.

many thanks!!! :smile:

I have done this, and i think I called something like EMR (Early morning rewake). Nice job. I must try this…

Burns technique into memory

Alright. I tried this. Autosuggested before I fell asleep that I would wake up after every dream. (<= I <3 the power of self-trickery :razz: ) But I have a bad habit, (- regarding this technique), of automatically doing a clock RC every time I wake up. I woke up at 4:41. (moved to check clock). Then did this a few more times and moved again to check clock ( :sad: )@ 5:45 and 6:43.

Somewhere between 6:43 and 8:15 there was a succesful one. (I woke up really slowly/got lucid at the end of a dream). But I couldn’t manage to get SP. I woke up in a really awkward position so relaxing was hard, might have gotten SP if I waited a tad bit longer, but I grew impatient quite fast and decided to retry again so I moved and adjusted my sleeping position.

One near-success atempt on first try =] I definitely think this method is on to something ^.^

Tried this last night.
I never had any problems with waking up in the middle of the night after each dream. But the problem is that when I stayed still I didn’t experience any SP, I just went back to sleep :happy:

same here.

could you elaborate on step 2.5?
how do you get from just waking up from after a dream to SP?


ha! if that works for you, you might as well skip the whole part of waking up and tell yourself:
“after my dream I am lucid”

nice idea, ill try it tonight.

keep posting your results

why has he not answered any of everyones questions. even though it does seem like a good idea

Yeah, but the fact that several people have posted positive results may indicate this working. I don’t see why it couldn’t, it seems pretty simple, anyway. I’ll try it out.

Well is simple in the sense of not having a lot of requirements, but on the other hand, is hard in the sense of having to wake up and stay still which is not easy at all,
but is possible, i’m kinda of close.

I’ll try and post my progress with DEILD here from now on, and we’ll see how it goes ^^

What does SP and DC mean?!

I’m gonna post my results too.
For instance, i had a low-lucid dream this morning indirectly by DEILD.
I don’t seem to open my eyes but i do move my body.


Hi im new to this forum, so hello everybody.
I’ve got some questions about this technique.

  1. If you wake up after a dream that was at the end of current REM, would it be possible to have an ld or you must wait for the next REM? (you cant just go back to your rem because it just had ended)
  2. If LDs are in REM cycle, i guess (if you use clock to wake up) that is the best to wake up after 3, 4 and half, and 6 hours of sleep when REM is starting and then go back to that REM and start LD?
  3. If you wake up after 4 hours of sleep wil DEILD always FAIL? (after 4h of sleep you wake up in nonREM stage and you have got 30 minutes to next REM.

I hope you understand me and can help me,
sory for lame english, im polish.

Wow ! Cool technique :happy:

But as I read this, I know it will require dozens of practice. Why ? Because all your years of life (if you are a beginner - much like me :tongue:) each time you woke up you opened your eyes. Now this is in your involuntary reflex and once you are used to something for a long time, it takes very long to de-reflex it, to put it that way. So, even for an experienced lucid dreamer who has done WILD many times and who has experienced many lucid real awakenings, but he/she never done this DEILD before, this might be quite easy but still it would take some nights of practice.

Still, it’s not impossible :tongue: !

this technique sounds really interesting, i might try it tonight or tomorow night. the problem is im having school right now and i have to wake p at 6 every morning, and i need to well… open my eyes to see my clock if its 6 or not (cause i usually wake up a few times every now or so) so do u think its a good idea for me to try this?

I’ve tried it tonight and felt really close to getting my first LD that wasn’t induced by a RC in a dream. For a couple of seconds I felt like I was inside a dream (after all sorts of weird feelings), but since it faded immediately I decided to just keep still do a 2nd attempt immediately after it. This failed and I couldn’t sleep for over 2 hours, which was very annoying. I think I got too excited.

Hi and welcome :wave:

I say don’t worry to much about the times, they aren’t written in stone. If you are able to wake up and not move, just stay there and be passively aware as you enter another dream, so you enter it lucid. It might take a few minutes or it might happen right away. And if I’m not mistaken, if an alarm clock wakes you up during rem and you go back to sleep you’ll continue that rem phase. And it IS possible to dream in non-REM, just less likely, so don’t worry about it and dream away! :tongue:

Huh ? It’s possible to dream in a non-REM phase !? :eh: You mean, the brain is able to give you a dream when it’s not “dream-time” ? It’s like going shopping when the shop is closed…


WritersCube LD’s the whole night :tongue: He says he just lies down and in 5 minutes he’s LD’ing, so or he has disfunctional REM’s or he dreams in non-REM… plus, I’ve heard you can reach a LD-like state in deep meditation too.

I guess it’s like owning the shop and having the keys! :grin: