DEILD , impossible ?

Hi guys.
I’ve been trying to DEILD for some nights (5 in a row ?) I use an alarm that shuts down automatically. The thing is, that EACH time, i hear the alarm, i stay still , try to sleep and boom, i fall asleep in seconds.
It seems impossible, it’s too fast, i can’t control it.
Any advice ?
Thanks !

PS : Nevertheless, i get vivid dreams !

It means that you have kept a little bit more awareness and that was transferred into your dreams, therefore you did have more vivid dreams. I’ve noticed that sometimes when doing DEILD it’s very hard to keep enough awareness, like in your case usually we can’t keep it that long.

I would advice to try waking a little bit earlier. For DEILD it would be perfect if you would wake up just before next REM cycle… So experiment with time…

Okay thanks ^^
I’ll try playing with time. I wake up 6 hours and 10 mins after sleep. I’ll try 4 hours and 30 min.

Where do you get the alarm that wakes you up like that? Plus, also, you gotta think of a scene or the last dream scene that you were in. And hey, if DEILD doesn’t work, it might not be your cup of tea. There are plenty of other things to try.

I can do DEILD when i’m not trying to do DEILD. But if I’m trying to do it, then I can’t.

Usually if I wake up from a pleasant dream, I can zip myself back into it. If it’s been too long since my last dream, I can hardly remember it (which is usually my case) so it doesn’t work that great for me. You might be better off trying to WILD.

Okay thanks.
I couldn’t try, i didn’t sleep at all, i don’t know why ^^’
I’ll try tonight :wink:

What do you do when you’re lying there? Reason I ask is because DEILD never has worked for me even when staying exactly still from a LD. perhaps you could try visualising?

I… don’t know :tongue:
I fall asleep too fast then i forget !
I’ll keep you noticed on my progress :wink:

For me just saying a mantra to myself like saying “I will be aware when I awake after every dream” helped me do it the first day although that could just be me.

But i’d recommend doing that allot for the first few days like every bathroom break every time your walking alone and when every you have downtime.