DEILD: lengthen REM sleep?

Okay, I’m not sure how to write out what I was thinking about, so I’ll try it with an example:
Let’s say, there’s a random LD’er who is right now asleep. The sleep cycle he’s currently in has a REM phase of 10 minutes. He’s already dreaming since 6 minutes when he discovers that he is in fact in a dream but he gets too excited and wakes up. Fortunately, he remembers the DEILD technique, succeeds and experiences nice 4 minutes of a LD. Then he wakes up another time for whatever reason.
Now to my questions:
Will he be able to do DEILD another time though the 10 minutes of his REM sleep are theoretically over? If so, does this mean that one can lengthen the REM phase by using DEILD correctly?
I hope that my thoughts are comprehensible… :confused:

Good question, I think you would need an elaborate EEG machine setup/sleep lab to figure that one out. Also depends on the ‘resume’ function of REM and if it continues exactly where you left off, or maybe it restarts a bit each time. Perhaps each awakening from REM uses up a bit extra REM juice, so you lose a bit more each time.

I wouldn’t worry about the details too much though, just keep trying DEILD till you can’t DEILD anymore. … and then still try for another 60-90 seconds after that before you call it quits and wake up for good to log your experience in your journal.

Dreams do not depend on REM…such a limiting idea

While this is true, dreams in the other phases of sleep are often not as easily remembered or vivid.

I agree with you, Wyvern.

So you think that it should be possible to do DEILD even though the REM phase is over?

I guess you’re right with this :neutral: I really wish people and scientists would care a lot more about sleep/dreams/LD’s. There’s so much more to learn and to discover…

A bit off-topic, do some of the older members know if DEILD is a technique founded by a LD4all member like VILD or an official technique like MILD? It would make the research on the Internet and in books a bit difficult if it’s not well-known under this name…

Leijona: DEILD has been called a few different things, such as chaining. It’s hard to say for sure who exactly came up with it since it is a well known technique. With all the different versions I’m not sure who to credit. In any case, it’s a powerful tech.

The DEILD extends LD’s. The DEILD expands consciousness. The DEILD is vital to dream travel. Re-enter dream space … without moving. . . .

Thanks for the info Rhewin :smile:

I have more than once DEILD’ed 5 times in a row. If someone claims this is impossible, then I probably never really woke up. By definition DEILD doesn’t necessarily seem involve waking up. I had a dream, the dream ended, then I entered it again. Right now I only remember DEILD’ing this much once and that time it was the same dream and it restarted all the time.

Okay, so I did a bit of research and found this on Dreamviews in the DEILD tutorial:

According to this, it seems that DEILD is limited to the REM phase and can not be used to lenghten the REM sleep.
Any more thoughts are appreciated :smile:

Maybe it’s just a combination of NREM and REM sleep… I mean if you wake up from REM sleep there is always a period of time where you are in some way awake and if we assume that we will dream in NREM maybe that’s the place where we start to chain dreams and later NREM becomes REM sleep… Just a thought!

Hey, this is a good idea! It’s completely logical!
Even if the REM phase is over, one’s still able to do DEILD since, as cheerfuldreamer said, we do also dream in NREM sleep. But because NREM dreams occur less frequently than REM dreams and are less vivid, it may be harder to meet with success by using DEILD then.
Perhaps the people who have for some reason more (vivid) NREM dreams have better chances to achieve a long chain of DEILD’s. This could also explain why DEILD’s are pretty unstable at the beginning (at least for me): Because NREM dreams tend to be unstable/less vivid.
Thanks for your reply dB_FTS, it made something click in my mind :happy: