deja vous

some times, quite frequently actually, I dream something like falling in to bushes and then later in real life it happens!

Is this normal or do I have something special? Because it seems kind-of backwards

Oh also, sometimes I notice something is wrong in my dream and everything goes black and white, which makes me realize not that I’m asleep but that my eyes are closed so I open them and I’m wide awake laying in bed 3 minutes before my alarm goes off. Is that lucidity for a breaf moment?


Let me add something while I can: I left a Christian rock concert early to go to bed and I went to sleep but I just kept dreaming about the part that I missed. I remember that there was nothing unusual at all except when I would start to dance in real life I would be twitching in bed and I woke up twitching unconrollably like a seizure only I am fully concious. Has that ever happened to any of you, if so, what dose it mean?

No I do not have epilepsey

Last week in a dream I looked a the clock in my room and it said 7:15 am,Then I wake up and look at the clock,Guess what…7:15 am.
So with that its really what you belive.Do you belive in extrasensory powers like Foresight?

Sounds like a low level lucid dream,What you need to do is keep your eyes open,stay calm,and do a RC.

Well dreaming about big events during your day in normal,As for the shaking,How long where you asleep when this happend?
Cuz when you first go to sleep your body can shake unconrollably,again thats normal.Don’t let it scare you.

Do you remember the dreams before you fall into a bush or does it go like this: You fall into the bush and then go like “ah man, I dreamt about this last night!”.
Maybe it’s just that you only remember having dreamt about something just when something similar happens. When doing something else, you don’t remember anything from your dream and so it seems, as if many memories were actually precognitive, but in fact you just remember things that are similar in dreams and waking life.
But of course, I’m not you, you have to decide for yourself.

Twitching fingers/legs/etc are quite normal, but that happens a lot when falling asleep, not when SP has already come into action. Also, many people seem to have a quite acurate sense of time when sleeping. I can wake up without an alarm too, … Today I even heard my alarm in my dream and thought “Wah! I have to get up”. I then woke up but my alarm hadn’t turned on yet, it was 5 minutes too early.

I was dreaming so I was beyond the shaking part but maybe I got so excited that I woke myself up!

no I specifically told myself to remember looking into a really large cup of brown stuff and later that day my mom randomly buys me a hot chocolate and I didn’t remember telling myself to look for that until I drank from it!

but the deja vu was lookin in a large cup of brown stuff???

I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine that something like that didn’t ever happen before in your life.

Please try to be specific (especially when its about dream and dreamrecall) because people can easily misinterpertade if the don’t have all the available information.

Hi, i’m new here. For the moment i’m not having the time to practise LDing. I’m just keeping a dream diary. Also want to excuse me if my English is full of mistakes :smile:.
But i’d like to say something about this topic.
When i was about 18 years old, our school went on a trip to Rome. During those days, the queen mom died. It was very strange, because everything i saw in the news, i had seen before in a dream.
It all looked just like in that dream.
There have been some more such things. Especially smaller ones, short actions.
Maybe one is worth mentioning. In fifth grade (17 years old), at the end of the year, we had exam physics. There was a multiple-choice part and the five first questions, i had seen before …
What davidr says, is quite interesting. I have never remembered the things in advance really. Only when they are happening, i can recognize more things, but then too, only when they are happening …
It seems acceptable that those things are similar to something that has happened before. But it still seems strange to me … When it should happen again, i’ll pay more attention :smile:
It would be great if everything you dream might come true. Then you just need to pratice on LDing :tongue:

that was the test I conducted on myself to see if it was really deja vu

Welcome windigo :smile: Don’t mind about your English. It’s perfectly understandable :smile:

Those kind of precognitive dreams seem to occur pretty often before something important happens. After 9/11 lots of people reported they had precognitive dreams which strikingly resembled the fallen WTC towers.
Davidr raises a good point. Though many of these things can be caused by the memory which picks random dream fragments to associate with real life experiences, I don’t think it can explain all of them. Sometimes there’s just too much coincidence, like in your case perhaps, windigo. I don’t know really… just my opinion.

Now that’s pretty handy! If we could learn to have such precognitive dreams, life (especially exams) would be so much easier :tongue:

So the dream fragments can only be remembered after the brain can filter them out of your memory, in order to make an association with a real life event. If it was a genuine precognitive dream, wouldn’t it be reasonable to suggest that it’s remembered afterwards? I mean, those dreams should contain a powerful message about the future. And dreams containing powerful messages are always much better remembered.

One theory about such things is that everything that occurs in reality has actually already happened in the dream world, and that people dream these in precog dreams. I first heard of this idea after reading a couple of Robert Moss’ books (click on the books section of the website). His books also give many examples of precog dreams, both from his personal experience and other people’s.

So when i feel attracted to a girl, i just need to master LDing and make the move in my dreams …
That would be awesome :wink:
Seriously; in the case of a love affair for example. Maybe there is kinda interaction between reality and dreams. The closer you get with someone, the more chance there is that it works out. And in your dreams that might go more easily because you want it to …
Yet i still think that it is more acceptable the way davidr said. Things are just similar irl en in dreams and when you recognize them irl, your mind refers to the dream.