deja vu in intertwined dreams

the other night i had this really weird dream (to me anyways)

follow closely to understand:

in the dream, me and my friends go to someone that we knew from schools house. while in the house i see a picture of me sitting on his kitchen counter. i asked him about the picture and he said it was from a field trip we went to with school. then he shows me more pictures on his computer like from a digital camera. then (in the dream) i start to feel like the field trip never happened and it was just i dream i had so i questioned him how he could have a picture of somehting that was in my dreams…THEN my dream of being at the guys house becomes the field trip dream . in actual reality, i do think i remember the dream of the field trip (awhile ago) and then had the same dream after i remembered it in my first dream…and i dont think i was ever lucid

it was just weird how the 1st dream felt like reality and that i got clues from that about a dream i had awhile ago (not 100% sure but my dream self thought i had the dream) and it felt like deja vu in the 2nd one (field trip)

What I got out of that while you were at the guys house looking at the picture you were still at the field trip. That is pretty confusing.

Wait so were you on the field trip while you had this dream?
It sounded like you said, while you were on a field trip you had this dream that
you were at some guys house and you looked at this picture of you on a field trip and
then you thought your whole field trip was just a dream?
I could be way off here :lol:

What I got out of it was that he had a previous dream of the fieldtrip itself and now had a kind of “continuation” by dreaming that he had gone to the “dream” fieldtrip already.

I have a lot of moments like those in my dreams. Where I’m dreaming I’m somewhere that I have already dreamed before and it feels like deja vu.