Delivering newspapers


I just got a job as delivering newspapers in my home city, the working hours are 02:30 to about 04:50-05:00. The question is. Which is best, sleeping two times (before and after) or just after work?

i think if you sleep a few hours before, say 22.00 - 2.00,
then you deliver newspapers, and do some RC’s on the way, you can see it as a WBTB exercise, then go to sleep after and hopefully have a LD :smile:

Sleeping before didnt work very well for me, i was very tired and had trouble eating. Now i sleep after work which is usually around 05:00 and wake up at 13:30. This works perfect, feeling super refreshed when i wake up, but around 23:00 i get tired and drowzy. Anyone have any ideas?
I could try sleeping to 14:00 so i get 8 hours of sleep.

i think take a nap then at 23.00? and then go to work, and sleep after, like you say?

I’ll try that today :smile: