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meh! I don’t really care well, I do really I like the democracy here in U.S.A. FOR NOW. IF Hilary become next president or ANY democrats I’m leaving the country! Of course I’m not j/k I’m only 14! :happy: But I would like to move if they do.

What do you have against democrats-in-general, kt? I have nothing against republicans-in-general, even if most of my family is very pro-democrat and I’m not exactly in support of Bush’s current policy? (Is this off topic? Should this be split or removed?)

I think this is basically the politics topic now.
I don’t like it when people do strictly anti-party, when they won’t even listen to people’s views from the other side of the spectrum. I try not to classify myself as a party, but if you asked, I would explain that, and then say that I would probably vote liberal.

Well, democrats want the troops out of Iraq right? So, we pull them out and the terrorists take over Iraq and Iran and they would start attacking/nuking the U.S.A or anyone else.

Could a moderator please split this between “democracy topic” and “Yank politics topic”? The latter is killing a broader (and, in my opinion, far more interesting) discussion: the former. =P

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You have no firm grasp on this topic do you? This imaginary conglomorate of radicals called “the terrorists” have nowhere near the capacity to take over Iran and Iraq. If a terrorist orginization like Al-Queda attempted a takeover of any country, a massive ammount of countries would stop it. The US would have full global support to attack in that situation, I think. It would be nipped in the bud. Not to mention that none of these countries or terrorist orginizations have acess to nukes, so how can the nuke us?

With the WMD’s we invaded Iraq over… Oh… never mind <.<
I’m becoming more and more apathetic about politics every day… I mean in my life time all the elections we had was nothing but rich people suing each other for the presidency instead of what our founding fathers told them to do. And the people we have to choose from now are not much better… I mean the republicans have no idea what they are talking about… and the democrats are mostly running off “I’m black” or “I’m a woman” as a platform instead of actual politics… I still have no idea what Obama stands for… A Hilary is evidently a whore willing to say and do anything just to get elected… $10 say in the 2016 election we’ll be voting for plants…

The Iraqis and Iranians won’t nuke us. That would be crazy, because we have more nukes than anyone else on the planet. We (meaning the U.S.) were the first and only country to actually attack another country with a nuke (Of course the reasons were real, and the nukes were needed). We invaded Iraq under the pretense of WMDs, and there were none. Then Bush decided to stay in Iraq to help form a “democratic goverment”. Another little thing: Iraq did not attack us. Afgahnistan did.

Russia has more

…nuclear weapons then the United States, or Iraq?
I don’t know where (who) you are referring to.

If you want to get technical, the United States did sell Saddam weapons (including chemical weapons) around the Gulf War period. (Not sure on the actual time, but it was in the last 20 years)
Edit: It was around the mid-80’s.

The United States invaded under two premises:

  1. Iraq has WMD’s (none have been found)
  2. Connections to terrorist networks (the group we were after didn’t move into Iraq until about 2003, if I recall correctly)

Well I didn’t mean nuke us but well attack our country in general.

The terrorists don’t gain any power by the U.S. pulling out of Iraq.
In fact, it may make a lot of them less angry because the United States is cutting down on meddling in other people’s business. The Iraqi PM actually said that he thinks that Iraq can handle itself and that he wishes the U.S. to leave. I am not sure who else shares those feelings.

Apperantley Dick Cheney does.

I don’t know if Iraq will be able to “handle itself” for a long time. There are so many people over there who want to change the government there, that will go to violent measures, that something will happen eventually. So the question is, cut our losses and let what is going to happen happen, or stay and try to keep it from happening? I’m leaning more twoards the first, as I think much of what is happening will leave with us, but it’s a sticky situation, and I don’t think any of us here have the solution.

I personally don’t think that the United States has the right to tell them that they have to set up a democracy.
As long as the government doesn’t threaten the world’s safety, they should use the government that makes most sense for them.

Just because there is an election in no way means that there is democracy in Iraq, or elsewhere. In Iraq, what happened during the elections, was that the Imams told their fellow praying buddies to vote for specific people, and they did. It wasn’t an exercise of free thought and freedom that we take for granted over here, but simply an exercise of pointlessness.

I’m actually not sure whether the free nations of the West would stand up against terrorism in a situation like that. Pacifism and isolationism are gripping much of the western world right now. For instance, I’m A Nutjob declared that he would wipe Israel off the face of this earth, and still many people think that diplomacy can work with an insane power hungry aggressor. They are saying, anything but more war, anything. That’s what they said in the build up to WWII, with Neville Chamberlain following what many were saying. Chirac, who is no longer in power in France, thank the Almighty, said that Iran having a single nuke wouldn’t do anything, and perhaps he’s right. But then again, what if the other side isn’t afraid of MAD?

Say we attacked Iran, as bush seems to be itching to do. Then Iran would launch the nuke if they had one and weren’t afraid of MAD, or wouldn’t if they were.

And the comment about voting in Iraq? People don’t vote here, because of apathy, or because they don’t believe it will make a diffrence. Even worse, people vote because other people tell them to, and the hammered with propaganda from either side and don’t actually research the facts. How is that any diffrent from Iraq?

You make it sound as if Bush is worse than that guy in Iran. It was Ahmadinejad (wow, I spelled it right, first try!!!) that said that they wanted to wipe people off the face of the planet, not Bush.

Iran doesn’t have a bomb…yet. But they will if the West continues to sit back in its pacifist demeanor for several more years. And besides, Iran is funding Hamas, Hezbollah, and various other terrorist groups, with some working inside of Iraq even. It would be perfectly justified to go in there, not with an army, but just bomb the hell out of where the centrifuges are.

The main difference between American and Iraqi politics would be the ingrained respect for democracy that Americans have. Like, democracy didn’t just fall on their laps. They worked for it, and fought against the British to attain it. Thus they have a much more profound faith in democracy. And besides, there’s a difference between an ad on TV, saying that the other side will abuse power, and has taken some money in the past, and a religious leader painting the other side of the same coin as people who are going to Hell, are wicked beasts, etc etc.

All this talk of democracy makes me giggle.

The united states hasn’t been run like a democracy in a very long time.

Liberty does not exist in the US.

I’d be very surprised if a 2008 election even takes place.

Unfortunately it is far too late for change, at least in my opinion. A world government will be formed, and all the people that proclaim liberty will quickly realize how little liberty they really have.

The best slave is one that thinks he is free.

It really is depressing when you really think about it.

Oh well. :content:

I get really sick when I see how the US. acts like they know whats better for other countries.

One question: When they pull out (they have to do that some day, aye?) of Iraq, will Iraq’s oil plants be given to an iraqi (Not US. marionets) gouvernment?

Just because there isn’t one now doesn’t mean that the U.S. is not trying to set one up. One of the goals of the “re-construction” was to set up a democracy.