Demonic dreams

So last night or a few nights ago I had a dream about my grandparents, who are dead, in the dream they were morphed to seem demonic. My grandfather hugged me squeezing me so tight it was like he was trying to kill me, to send me to heaven or hell. I was scared and pulled away. I strongly believe this was more than a dream, demons entering a dream to kill me.

Do any of you have supernatural dreams? Demonic dreams? Angelic dreams?

What do you think I should make of this?

It is possible to have that kind of dream. I know of people who experienced it. There’s always a reason behind this. So you should find out what kind of energy this is and why it was trying to kill you. A week in which not someone tries to kill me in my dream honestly doesn’t pass for me lol. As I read in a book

the universe is a dangerous place for a dreamer

I noticed that when your dream awareness increases some entities/conciousnesses will be attracted to you like moths to the light.
try to protect yourself. I go with praying and lighting candles. I can even say a prayer during my dreams I learned that, when the attack is pretty bad.

Allow me to present my piece of wisdom in this regard:

The universe is a miraculous place for a dreamer.

Dreams are all about expectations, intention and whatever your SC cooks up, which is always to some large degree inspired by your experiences and memories. If you tell yourself that dreaming is dangerous and you need protection, then you will inevitably be attacked.

On the other hand, if you open up to the wonders of the (dream) world and expect to have a ton of fun, then you will! This is not an easy task, but cultivating a positive mindset and attitude is always the better approach, especially when it comes to dreaming.

A lucid dreaming teacher whose name I sadly forgot also said:

In a (lucid) dream, hug everything!

I invite you to give this a try the next time you consider seeking shelter.


I don’t know about that. I mean as long as you’re moving in the realms of your subconscioussnes I think this is very very true.
But I believe in dreams as more than just a journey in your mind. I think dreaming is a way of travelling, not just the universe but also different dimensions, even timelines maybe.
Like there are pleasant and rather unpleasant things in our world, there are also unpleasant things out there. You can’t change what they are. And if you believe in the realness of these other worlds, you can’t just say you should try to hug them, ironically speaking. You wouldn’t try to hug someone who is trying to rob you for example right? And if they are real you wouldn’t be able to change their appearance or behaviour or what they want from you. You only can change how to react to them. My way is protecting.
I don’t want to sound dramatic or negative, I just believe that in dreams we can encounter dangerous things and be negatively impacted by
them. Maybe if your mindset is a 100% positve nothing bad will ever happen to you not in dreams and not in RL. But whose mindset is a 100% positive?
I’m not insisting on my point of view I just find it very interesting to discuss about this topic. Maybe you could also talk to me in private @Marvin

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I’m quietly following/reading along with nothing to add currently but just chirping in to vote to keep the discussion public because I love to hear different perspectives and discussion on this topic :slightly_smiling_face:


I am starting to understand where you are coming from, @dreamtraveller. It seems our perspective on what dreams are is really quite different. I will try to put that difference aside for a moment, because even then there is a significant difference in our point of view which I like to highlight and explain. And I think this is probably even more important than the discussion about the nature of dreams.

This sounds to me as if you don’t believe in free will. Funnily enough I don’t actually do, at least not rationally, but I do have a very strong feeling that I have a free will. And from this believe I get the strength and confidence that I can influence and shape my surroundings. A positive attitude generally helps with that, too. I used to think a lot like you: There are bad things in the world and I have no power to change them. As I grew older and got more experience I found that many things are actually inside the scope of our own influence and often it’s just a matter of personal attitude as well as ambition and less about ability. There is also merit in believing that you may not have the power to change something now but there is no reason to believe you never will have in all the future that is yet to come. You can work towards achieving the power necessary to shape your surroundings in the way you want, and most importantly to shape your own life in a favorable way.

That doesn’t mean that I want full control over everything. It certainly also helps to let go, to not desire power or command. If you have others you can trust, you can also support them to do the right thing. That is often easier and actually more fulfilling.

Maybe you are right after all with your view that the only thing you can change is yourself. But if that is the case, then it is even more prudent to use that power wisely and effectively. You can choose to protect yourself, or you can choose to outgrow your fears and be a shiny example for others to imitate, be the person you also want others to be (generally speaking). Do you want everyone to shelter and cower away in fear? A quote from Neaera comes to mind (funnily enough the same band I quoted in @Splash’s DJ the other day). It happens to be my favorite verse in song lyrics, incidentally:
Praising freedom in a cage that is myself,
But who is not a slave?
When you think yourself a victim,
There will never be salvation!

You do have a point. Nobody is 100% positive all the time and it’s probably not all that beneficial after all. I guess there are some diminishing returns on the curve of positivity. Also it will not shield you from all the harm in the world either, that’s also true. But if anything, it can make your life happier :smiley:

I don’t think I articulated my point perfectly and I also still have a lot to learn.

Nota bene: I agree with @Splash to keep the conversation public. I think others may benefit from it and can contribute.