Ive been having a bad spell of depression for the past week or so. I have these spells about 3 or 4 times a month. I lost enterest in LDing, and I was doing so good to. What do you do when depression hits like this? I guess I just have wait it out. Any advice?

3 or 4 times a year, not a month.

Its kind of funny, cause till certain extend i actually enjoy depressions. I get loads of original existencional ideas and I am more creative if I write a poetry …

I mean, dont know how to get you out of it, cause I guess its individual, but until you find out, enjoy it man, make the best out of your depression.

I probably sound like a complete idiot… but I really dont see depression as a highly negative thing, its rather reminding me, that I am alive, and that sooner or later I die anyway … sort of helps me stop and look around my life for a bit.

Know what you mean…I think it’s going around. So many people I’ve talked to lately are feeling a little down. It often seems to happen at this time of year…after Christmas when the weather is dull and gloomy, little sunshine. What I do is try to stay positive and share good thoughts with others. If you see the sun out try to get out in it. Wear bright clothes and make sure you make time to do things that you enjoy. If that does work…I’ve recently started taking 5-HTP. If you think you may have low serotinin levels it may help you. I would say it’s definitely helping me :smile: Hang in there!


I take a half an hour walk in the afternoon sun.

If it is raining outside, I just do some indoor dancing.

Anything with a purpose, and a visible effect. Anything that makes people smile, to give me a purpose for existing. Making music, or playing my own music, and getting lost in it. Getting physically exhausted, and wake up with stiff muscles and a good conscious for getting some exercise…preferably, something that makes sense. :cool:

I hope you will feel better soon.

It does seem like winter is a more depressing time of year for a lot of people. I don’t remember where (it was years ago), but I read somewhere that sunlight levels actually tie in very significantly with depression and happiness, with more direct sunlight making us feel slightly happier. I’m sure it’s much more complicated than that for most people, as there are undoubtedly dozens of other things that have a much greater influence on our mood (relationship matters, family troubles, and so on), but it’s worth remembering anyway. Sometimes just going outside and taking a walk can do wonders, as it helps you to put things in perspective, and can make you feel as though you’re doing something healthy or beneficial to your life. If I’m feeling lazy, or lonely, or otherwise depressed after spending a full day sitting around inside, it always helps to take a walk. Not exactly ground-breaking tips here, but sometimes the little things can make the difference. :smile:

Thanks… that is some great advice I think it is just a case of S.A.D. I saw something on the History channal about Abraham Lincoln, he suffared from depression, and it helped. Empathy is a great tool for me when it comes to getting through a spell of depression. I did take a walk today, and it helped a little.

Go to the nearest national park. Walk through it, follow the trails that you feel like following, don’t have a specefic goal. Even go off the trail onto some deer trails if that feels right. Keep going until you find a place where you’d like to sit. Don’t look for one, just walk until you find it. Jog some of it if you feel like it. Once you find a place to sit, sit there and feel what the air around you is like. Examine all the plants, trees, and rocks. Listen to the sounds. Feel content in simply being alive, feel how content all the plants around you are with being alive.

At least, that’s what I like doing. I imagine I look pretty funny clambering up hills off-trail.

But if nothing helps - you should consider seeing your doctor. If nothing can make you happy for a short ammount of time and there doesn’t seem any future but a bleak one … then you should never just put up with the situation but seek professional help.

I do the same, it’s kind of funny, everything seems to have a good side to it if you try and harness it creatively. Even if it’s the worst feeling in the world, I guess it doesn’t seem so bad if you’re getting something out of it rather then just feeling down?

With depression I figure it all comes down to mindset, if you think you’re depressed and just lurk and focus on that depressing mindset then you’re most likely going to be that way a lot longer then you have to. Best to always try and put a positive spin on everything, just try to be constantly optimisitic and intergrate philosophy that supports your positive views if you can. 3 to 4 times a year sounds pretty normal though, when you have your lows though it only makes the highs all the better.

Moogle’s advice is also good, if you get to the point where you really can’t overcome the problem yourself go to your doctor and see if they can reccomend any good psychologists. I’m sure not everyone will agree with this, but stay away from psychiatrists when it comes to something like depression. From my own experiences they’re far more interested in just prescribing pills then working through your problems like a psychologist will. Look out for doctors trying to prescribe you 6 months worth of SSRI’s like paxil,zoloft,prozac whatever straight up, those are only ever neccesary if you truly have a chemical imbalance in your brain, plus they have a lot of weird side effects

hope that helps somewhat

I have those moments too.

Especially some time ago , I had som Loong ones :sad:

A girl … The same ol`story :wink: , just that it was my shyness that were partly causing it :shy:

Sometimes I get a little depressed. Usually it’s the weather combined with stress. It always tends to be around times where it’s cloudy outside, and when I am very busy, for example, a busy week at school during the winter can get me a little down.

However I’ve found there are ways to beat it. One is to talk about it. Also excersise, going to the gym for a work-out, or doing something physical always helps me.

When it hit me there is no cure.
I have tryed having fun I have tryed forgeting it I have tryed everyting.
Soo I just what intil it goes awey

I’ve not had depression in years, but when I did get it, it was so hard I had thoughts of suicide. Don’t know what I did to make it better, but depression free ever since. If I think of what it was, i’ll tell you!