Derren Brown - Controlling Dreams

Here’s a Video of Derren Brown doing dream incubation on some guy, for any who are interested.

Already saw this vid before. Really interesting (All the stuff from him is, actually). Only downside is that he, like a true illusionist, never reveals the whole story behind his tricks, even though he often pretends to be explaining everything.

What I found interesting in this vid is that he’s showing this image stream before letting him go to sleep. During this image stream you hear the same music as he’s whistling a little later when he’s sleeping. Apparently he triggers the dream related to those images using this tune.

If we could only make some sort of image stream that results in a dream with certain details, that must be watched while listening to a certain song, then it shouldn’t be hard to use that as a trigger to become lucid. First you trigger the dream itself by using an mp3-alarm and then you can become lucid by noticing the dream signs that you’ve put into the image stream.