Describe the "WBTB" method, please...

I’ve gone through the sections of the site twice, and I don’t remember it being mentioned. The only thing I know is that it stands for Wake Back To Bed. I heard it could be used in conjuction with MILDs…

Anyhow, I’ll check this later tomorrow. I need slep desperately.

WBTB is a method which involves setting your alarm clock to wake you up after about 6 hours of sleep. If you’re really good at it, your biorythm will adjust and you’ll wake up 6 hours into sleep naturally. Anway, when you wake up, you get yourself awake, maybe read about LDing a bit, then go back to bed, hence the name Wake Back To Bed. A lot of people suggest doing MILD while going to sleep after waking up during the night. I’ve never tried the method, since I haven’t really had the opportunity to, but within the next two weeks I hope to give it a try. People say its the best method. I guess I’ll find out.

if you realy want to know this stuff i suggest you read this

Rather than using MILD, I think it would be safe to say that people more often use WILD when doing that, or WILD with MILD anyway.

I’m going to try a WBTB method tomorrow… does anyone else have an opinion on whether to use MILD or WILD? I’m a little fuzzy on how you could do them together… if it’s a good idea, can anyone elaborate??


Using them together? Well you could either do the MILD part first, like repeating your affirmation to yourself over and over, and then just go on to do a WILD afterwards. Or you could do them at the same time which would probably be a bit more tricky.

I tried WBTB today, went to sleep at 0:15 and woke up at 7:55, read 35 minutes in some book by LaBerge, did Mild untill i fell back asleep (like 10 minutes). In the 2 hours following i had 2 LD’s, 1 was quite low level and 1, just before i woke up at 10:00 was very high level lucid only the images i saw were very blurry. I chopped some ppl up with a double edged light sabre… ugh :tongue:
I actually intended to visualise a sword or whatever i wanted to use when i was doing Mild, i think it is inportant to set your mind a job you want to do the next time you become lucid.

Hi! Sounds cool Serzil!
I’m 15 mins into my wake period for my first good WBTB in a while… So I’ll let you all know how it went in a few hour… off to read LD stuff!


What is so strange about combining WILD and MILD :eh: ? When I practice WBTB I try MILD when I go back to bed, it does make a difference. If you think about lucid dreaming when falling asleep it makes it easier to remember the fact you’re dreaming when you’re dreaming. Together with the mind-refreshing WBTB-method this makes a powerful combination. For people like me, who don’t even bother to try WILD anymore, it’s the ideal solution - you don’t even care about falling asleep consciously because with WBTB you will probably fall asleep unconsciously but chances are VERY big you’ll awake in the middle of a dream :content: .

My first LD last night, I went to bed at 23:07, and woke up at 07:15. I didn’t read anything, but was thinking aboud LDing. Then, fell asleep, and had an LD! :content:

Congratulations on your first lucid dream. :partying_face:

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It gets easier from here.

Nothing at all. I find that WILD has a MILD like effect. If I fall into unconscious sleep while doing WILD I often find that I still wake up in my dreams later.

This has already been mentioned in similar threads but, for consistency I repeat it again here. I personally do not like alarm clocks with WBTB. Instead I prefer to wake naturally. I achieve this by just giving myself a suggestion that I will wake up after every dream or something similar. You would be surprised how well it works. I now find that I wake up even if I do not give myself the suggestion. The reason I prefer to wake naturally is that it is less shocking allowing me to remember dreams easier and also allowing me to get back to sleep quicker. Also when I wake naturally, more often than not, I wake directly from a dream. This makes WILD much easier.