Developing phycic energy with LDing

Are there anyways I can use LDing to develop phycic powers? Or any other tips, or excersices I can do?

I used to use auditory subliminal messiging tapes. but Beyond that I cant help you. maby you can ask your dream guids.

SeanC tried it but he says it didnt really work…

In the few LDs i’ve ever had, I always use special powers, but only works in the dreams… I don’t know if there’s a way to bring them to the RL… Try asking your Dream Guide about it…

Ive been fliping over playing cards, and seeing if I can guess what the card is before I flip it over. Alot of times I do get it right. One time I did it twice in a row. I know Ive got pychic abilities, I just need to develop them more. I think Ill try some water scrying tonight.

The try picking a random card from a shuffled deck and than, try to guess what card is, until you get right everytime!!!
(it’s reeeaaaaaallly hard, but if you trully have PSYCHIC powers, you may do it!!! Of course, it’ll take some time of practicing ^^)

OK, I have one more question… This has been the craziest summer of my life, you wouldnt believe the things that have happaned to me this past summer, which has all lead to me wanting to become a phycic, I feel I have a great head start with my practice of dreaming, and lucid dreaming, and meditation. Plus just the enterest in the subject has increased my skill. I have witnessed amazing coincidences, and lastnight I had a dream prediction that came true…
Anyway Ill get to the point before I start rambaling. Im trying to scry, with wax, and a pendulum. The pendulum didnt impress me, and the wax scrying… I couldnt make heads or tells out of what I was seeing in the wax.
So I tried to combine the two scrying technipues by asking the pendulum if I was seeing a certain object to see If I could narrow it down. I dont know if its working or not. I cant find any good info on wax scrying(So if you know of any let me know) Ive allso learned of a cool new way of scrying called “Shell scrying” where you put a sea shell to your ear, and you will be abale to pick out words, if you listen long enough they will become whole conversations, and you can brake in, and ask question about the future. So if anyone can help me with this subject, or if you have any expirance in it yourself please let me know. Allso If there is anyway to go about scrying using dreaming.
Thankyou Kava

You probably know about the website SeanC ran a while back, and it has some very helpful articles on almost any topic you’re interested in. But as for scrying and pendulums, a lot of that comes from yourself, subconsciously manipulating what you do or see. (or hear or w/e) But according to the website, your subconscious itself “knows” a lot about the future.

OK, back to LD. If you’re into the whole SG thing, I’m sure you could use LD to talk to them about paranormal stuff.

Imagine if you could meditate within an LD. That’d be pretty cool 'n helpful too!

hey you should try to go to It is a great site for this kind of stuff. :ok: hope this works for you.

I know psipog!!! they teach a lot of stuff, but i’ve never been able to do anything; i didn’t posted it before 'cause I didn’t know if we wouldn’t be punished for posting other sites…

other people have posted the site before. besides I am not advertising it I am using it to help someone.

exactly …only links to sites that S E L L something are forbidden.

Although that site only has like one or two articles about anything LD related, it is a good springboard if you wanna get creative with things to do in an LD. I’d suggest this section of psipog:

Psi pog is a great place to learn about the wonderful energy that is psi. But when you’re learning, don’t go a day without a psi session, don’t give up, or it’ll just be harder on you.

I do believe there is some connection between the dream world and psychic phenomena. I just haven’t felt comfortable with learning any of the ways that are supposed to make us more psychic, like Tarot cards, astrology, etc. I have had dreams that have clearly pointed to an event happening the next day – there was absolutely no mistake about it. But I do not know yet how to control that, or even to make it happen more than once or twice a month (and often the things my dreams predict are trivial things I see on television the next day). So I don’t know what the answer is. I’ll take a look at this website,, too and see if it gives me any ideas.