Development of 13 Moon Calendar Journal

Hiya Everyone,

I am looking for a programmer to develop a 13 Moon Calendar Dream Journal. And by 13 Moon Calendar, I am referring to a very interesting calendar, which reintegrates us with the harmonious cycles of time known by the ancient Maya…

Based on the simple concept of 13 Moons of 28 days, rather than the irregular intervals of the current calendar. Did you know for example? that in the past, other cultures used to base their calendar on the 13 shells of a turtle’s back. it’s defintiely a more sensible system of time!

Very fascinating topic! Check out:

The 13 Moon Calendar Change Movement, is also a Peace Movement, and it is gaining followers every day. Definitely numbering in the thousands.

Currently, there is software to translate Gregorian dates, to 13 Moon Calendar Change. However, there is no journalling software tuned into this rhythm of time.

Thus, I think it would be great if someone were to consider the suggestin to build a dream journal software package - that actually has some seriously different features to whatever else is available on the market.

The goal would be to build a cross-paltform (perhaps using java), 13 moon calendar dream jorunal. It would have the benefit of giving those itnerested in the system, a way of tunign into the unique energies of each day.

At our forum Sea Life,
many of the dreamers are already using this system of time, for their journals. so in that sense there is already a very small market. I could see a much larger one growing

Later, we could add features such as the ability to post directly to web forums. I think that’d be a great, and VERY handy feature.

I for one, would be willing to pay at least $20A for this software. Is anyone interested in this proposal. I would definitely be willng to help out with teaching more about the calendar too…

This is a serious proposal. I really believe we could get this off the ground.

Thankyou, Nick

Does anyone else liek this concept?

i read a lil bit of those websites, i’m at my graveyard shift at the computer lab right now, so my mind’s not working at 100% but never the less i found it fairly interesting (trippy, but i try to become conscious in my dreams, i guess trippy stuff is what i’m about)

anyway, i have a couple questions, forgive me if these were answered on the websites you gave me but i’m tired man

  1. if this calendar is so in tune w/ the natural cycles than why does it have an extra day?
  2. i saw that it matches up w/ a woman’s menstruation cycle, is it also synched up with the moon, like is the moon always full on the same day each month?
  3. i like to consider myself open-minded but i’m not seeing how the way we keep track of days affects makes us materialistic and war prone (or am i getting the wrong understanding). could you explain that further.

anyway, i know how to program (it’s what i’m currently in college for) and though i hate java, it’s probably a good language to write this in (you know to make it available to most people)

i’d like to know what you envision this program to be like (so i can determine if i have time). and if i do do this, i wouldn’t charge however much american money 20 dollars in australian money converts to… software should be free (yes i’m a linux junkie)

yawn oh yeah, i should probably send you a private message… man i need some sleep :dozing:

Hello there oneiromancer,

Let me tell you i was very happy to recieve your response!

Firstly I must add that the 13 moon calendar, is quite an indepth system. One of the fundamental concepts behind it is a move to FOUR DIMENSIONAL TIME. See currently, we are living in an artificial time, actually three dimensional time.

Look at the clock face. That’s simply a division of a circlular face, into 12 areas. A division of space (3 dimensional). From this we have 12 months of irregular length. The 13 moon calendar is based on the cycles of nature.

It’s actually a lunar-solar-galactic calendar. Let me explain.
Lunar, in that corresponds to the mean average cycle of the moon, (as well as the female menstruation cycle).

It’s solar, in that it is based on the 365 day solar year. the movement of the earth aroudn the sun.

It’s galactic, in that the new year begins, on july 26. Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, is the only star to tie into the 365.25 day solar year. Ie. the only star to rise with the sun in the same morning, each and every solar year. Sirius is also a star, held sacred by the eGyptians, the maya, the jews, and avrious native american tribes…

With regards to the day out of time, this is a great holday, a chance to ‘celebrate and create peace & harmony’ this is really the result of the cycle of full moons, which is quite irregular. thus the end of each moon, in the ‘13 moon calendar’ does nto correspond to the full moon. However, the date of the full moon is usually mentioned.

the calendar is based on the MEAN length of each moon. the moon goes roudn the earth 13 times a year.

I’ll quote a friend Uac Imix, for your qeuestion relating to how the current makes us more materialistic and war-prone:

I look forward to working with you on this project. To begin with we will keep the program rather simple.

Even though you wish to keep it free (which i think is great), I hope that it helps with your future work prospects!

So to begin we will make it a simpel text diary. The systemw ill need to keep track of 13 Moons of 28 Days. And will gradually need to be integrated with the Tzolkin, for udnerstanding of the unqiuer energies attrributed to each day.

I will mail you soon,
Thanks for the very generous offer,

very interesting… i don’t know about all that peace stuff, but at least the calendar makes sense.

in other news, trying to write this thing in java may prove more annoying than i thought. maybe i’m just too sleep deprived but i couldn’t find any decent code examples for using database files in java (which i imagine would be the best way to store the journal entries) all the stuff i found was for fully-fledged relational databases, and/or proprietary software (paying for stuff violates my precepts and my bank account)

this would be a lot easier to implement as a web application

java is the enemy of all that is :evil:

Hehe… I can understand your comments baout the peace stuff. At first sight, it definitely seems like rather anecdotal evidence…

But as you can imagine leaving in a better structured time pattern, is going to make you think a little clearer. You’re bound to feel a little more peaceful.

Yes. Maybe you’re right… Perhaps we can complete it in PHP and SQL. I don’t know all that much about it, but am working on a similar project for a client at the moment. It probably would be the best approach, escept for the need to be online.

Still, I like online-hosted software, so I’m happy with the idea.

Who knows? perhaps we can build it, as an extension to pHP BB…

or is this a little too far fetched :smile: