Did I astral travel?

So I’ve have about 4 similar lucid dreams that I can’t figure out. In these dreams when I am lucid I feel like I’m some place I’m not supposed to be. It doesn’t feel like my dream world. Every time it I’m in a place that I don’t recognize. But I get this urge like I need to get out of there because I’m not supposed to be there, like I’m in the wrong dimension and if I don’t find a way out I’ll be stuck there. And it feels more real than my average lucid dream. One of them I felt the wind on my chest, cuz I had my shirt off and barefoot cuz I could also feel the wet asphalt like it just rained. I don’t know much about astral travel so I’m not sure if I ever have.

It’s worth noting that many lucid dreamers experience very vivid sensations in dreams. I often feel temperature, wind, water, pain, etc. in my own lucid dreams. What you describe simply sound like very vivid dreams.