Did I have an OBE?

Okay, so… I went to bed, and did my usual techniques for Mind Awake Body Asleep… I got the intense vibrations… The next thing I remember is I am in my bedroom… So I go outside, and its around 12 Midnight… I walk through my next door neighbours house wall, and into there house… In the front room, they were naked on the floor having sex… So I was like, Ugh gross, I dont want to see that, so I went out of that room, and into the hallway… All of a sudden, I noticed something evil, something dark, a figure out of the corner of my eye… it began to look and stare at me, and eventually chased me around the table in the house, I tried to walk through the wall, but got stuck in the middle and couldnt move, all the while this evil demon or something is coming quickly at me, and I finally managed to get through the wall and into there front garden. The demon never came through… I snapped back into my body (or so I believwe) and woke up… I was pretty shaken because of the experience… Was this an OBE? Does next door have a demon? What the hell was going on? Why was it trying to get me? Maybe it was just a dream, but I am sure it was an OBE… What do you think?

Thanks, Shadowdreamer.

Why are you so shure it was an OBE ? If there are vibrations then it should have been an OBE. A WILD is gently and soft :smile:, unlike the OBE which is a little bit more brutal.

But if you didn’t “exit” your body it couldn’t have been an OBE - Out of Body Experience.

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No, I don’t think you did.
OBE is when your ‘‘dream/astral body’’ leaves your physical body, so you can see yourself lying in the bed.

It was a perfectly normal dream, except for some vibrations, as HH, but that’s nothing unusual, too.

About the shadow…some people claimed to have seen these ‘‘shadow people’’, as they call them…with the corner of their eye, too. They claim to see them in real life, tho.

Maybe the shadow people are on a different frequency than us? or maybe they are in a parallel world to ours spooky groan xD sounds like a vivid dream to me, with some HH as the above said :slight_smile:

You experienced like a Lucid dream shadowdreamer. Of course…through your unconscienceness…spirits of all sorts can have their fun in our minds…visiting ect…If you let them. I’m being very blunt. :tongue: my point is, next time, as hard as it might be at first…try to make fire balls or something. Scare it off and take control.