Did I just dream about being lucid, or was I lucid?

So last night I dreamt that I had a lucid dream. I think. I had a normal dream that I can’t recall, then had a false awakening in my bed (which I wasn’t even sleeping in). I layed there for some time, then told my self, “I should prolly do an RC.” So I plugged my nose with my fingers and blew. Air passed through. I thought, “This can’t be happening, my fingers are most likely to just not be over my airways completely.” so I adjusted my fingers, and blew again. Air went through. I knew I was dreaming. I then looked at my hands and saw like 7 or 8 fingers each on both hands. I thought, 'Whoa, that’s crazy." I started walking around the house, and then when I got to the kitchen I remembered I wanted to shoot lightening from my finger tips. I tried, knowing I could, because I was “lucid.” It didn’t work. I tried levitating by putting one foot in the air, then pulling up my other foot, and that didn’t work either. Then I woke up for real. I don’t even know if I was concious or not that whole dream…

Well you did RCs, knew you were dreaming and tried things you wanted to try when being lucid. Sounds pretty lucid to me. I think it’s not easy to do “magic” things in a dream, either, and probably it needs training and experience as everything.

Sweet! What are some things I should do so next time I don’t get all confused and wake up? Because it was pretty awesome that I realized I was dreaming from a false awakening, because that was my first attempt at it really since I stopped being obsessed about it over the summer.

Congratulations! Now you can change your LD count in your profile to 1! :happy:

Yes, you absolutely had a lucid dream. I suggest that you check out this thread to see how you might increase and keep lucidity within the dream.

As far as not being able to immediately use super powers, that is normal as far as I can tell. You were likely caught up in just the excitement of lucid dreaming, but those types of skills will also likely require practice in order to master. Come up with your own things that work, and most importantly, believe it will work 100%.

Good luck in your lucid adventures!

Interesting, seems that “trying to hard” has a bad influence on becoming lucid. I am about at the same stage as you are (had one really amazing lucid dream, and two others for a few seconds).

I’m gonna try the “ld4all quests” for december and january. But my basic goal is to become lucid again, but more stable.

That’s my current goal as well, except I want to try easier things other than magic too, but nothing comes to mind. My brother told me just to conjur up something, because when he was a kid he would always become lucid and conjur up amazing toys. How would I come by doing that? Just thinking very hard about that object appearing before me?

I also think you had an LD. The first time I had an LD I didnt even do something amazing. And its true that you need to exercise to learn dreampowers. The next time you are lucid I would try to do something simple. You could try to put one hand to the other or walk (or jump) trough a wall, window or door. It`s cool to do things like that, and if you master this you can try more difficult things like flying.

Good luck!

Good thinking lucid-tiger, and thanks! I’ll try walking through a door or something, and if one isn’t there I’ll try putting my hand through my other hand. I really need to work on becoming more stable though. It was a little hazy when I woke up, but still very clear in my mind, you know what I mean?

I’ll read that thread btw when I get home, Glyph. I’m in school on my phone. :content: