Did I just SEE my third eye?! + Too old for HI?!

Well, I just got out of the shower and while I was in there I tried a little experiment. When there’s light in the room and I shut my eyes, I just see red from the light passing through my eyelids. So I covered my eyes and pressed them very gently to completely black it out and I saw, well… phosphenes. Now, when Basilus talked about phosphenes before, I thought that’s what I had every night before I went to bed. What I normally see when I go to sleep is a blob of multi-colored light which I can never ever focus on. Eventually I start to daydream and see the images in my head but it’s not like I’m looking at them in front of my closed eyes. Make sense? In the bathroom when I pressed on my eyes, I saw very distinct flashes of pin-head sized light (as opposed to a blob) They were like starts floating in 3D space right in front of my eyes, I wasn’t imagining them. I kept pressing lightly and soon COOL and CRAZY patterns appeared before my eyes and they slowly drifted around with my slow eye movements. I didn’t focus on them directly but instead with my “peripheral vision”, just watching the pattern float around. Suddenly this … thing started to blossom in front of my view and soon it looked like a burning ring of fire right in the center of my vision. Isn’t that what the third eye is supposed to look like?! I kept watching it and it blossomed further to look like the all-seeing eye on Lord of The Rings! Is it possible to actually see it?!

Secondly, I haven’t experienced such vivid HI since I was little. I remember thinking as a child how cool it was when I fell asleep because I’d see psychodelic patterns and experience some HH with it, but that hasn’t happened since. All I get now when I close my eyes is a blob here, a blob there. Never any flashing lights or phosphenes. Is it possible to grow out of seeing HI (naturally I mean)? Because I never see it at night anymore, but I saw it when I pressed gently on my eyes lids, so now I wonder if wearing a sleeping mask that’s just a little tighter might help this?

Any thoughts? Basilus? :wink:

Wow, I just tried it again and it’s … so beautiful!!! Sometimes the whole scene will be wavy and the color…!!! Blues, red, greens, all vibrant! Why can’t I experience this without pressing on my eyelids at night?

This may just be cells leaving your retina after being exposed to the light. Maybe more I don’t know. But some of what you described is what everyone gets.

this is something a friend and i used to play around with as a kid, the colours would go in a set sequence usually, yellow, red, green, purple etc… most of it seemed to be in a honeycomb or joined pentagon pattern. if you do this to much you will see the “pin sized blob of light” which is essentially dead cells in your retina,
by putting pressure on your retina you are triggering the recptors of your optic nerve:
try this quick expirement… (dont poke your eye out though! lol) close your eyes, and GENTLY press with one finger right above your cornea along the bone of the eye socket (on the “white” part) and notice the black distortion or round shape about the shape of your finger on the inverse side of your eye. this is your optic nerve and receptors in your eye responding and proccessing information the only way it knows how, as a visual input. the reason you see this “upside down and backwards” is because your brain doesnt register this as an image and does not flip it upside down for you like it does everything else.
As for what you are doing, this is just your eye seeing and proccessing pressure, and eventially damaging your eyes, (if you do it for to long you will still see the rhombus shaped light even with your eyes open) it is similar to the effect of having a bright light shone into your eyes and having the “spots” floating around.
Doing this can be damaging to your eyesight and eventually your eyes. it causes the muscles that hold your eyes in place to relax and contract inappropiately leading to nearsightedness. This can also have other effects of bruising your eyes, and causing other complications with that.

general in my understanding of “third eyes” is you dont usually see it yourself, you see through it… (it is supposed to be between and above your eyes) you may see it in a mirror, or see it in an obe, but must of the time it is used to look other places, places that your two eyes cannot see.
(i think… i am not entirely familiar with this as i once was)

be careful, and best of luck to you.


Thanks, sis. My problem is I don’t see vivid HI at night like I do when I gently press on my eyelid. :sad: It’s just… mostly yellow blobs that I can’t focus on.

I agree that it’ll damage your eyes. After pushing on it my eyes were blurred afterwards for a minute or so. :confused: I get that too if I nap with a heavy pillow to cover my eyes.

Maybe my room should be darker at night?

Just a thought: Does having to wear glasses affect it as well? It seems almost like when I press gently that my eyes come into focus on the HI but if I don’t press on them I have to go crosseyed to focus the image more…

Wow, thanks for the nostalgia…I forgot all about that sensation. I remember rubbing my eyes kinda hard as a kid if I was really tired or something and getting that bright-light-ring-thingy, but I haven’t done it and/or seen it since and don’t plan to do it ever again after what I’ve read here about damaging your vision. :content:

And as a sidenote to Skidzz about having to wear glasses and pressing on your eyes, I am very nearsighted and have astigmatism and if I’m not wearing my contact lenses or glasses and I gently push on or pull on my eyes from the sides (you could say it makes my eyes look slanted), it makes my vision almost clear. But that doesn’t mean I want to push or pull on my eyes all the time! :eek:

I dont think that this action has anything to do with HI.
The colours may excite and stimulate the parts of your brain responsible for creating HI however.
It is damaging to your eyes. Those “yellow blobs” you see are damaged, dead and dying cells and “misfires” in your optic nerves. I would strongly advise you reconsider doing this to often.
What i do to induce HI is to essentially daydream before i am falling asleep and my subconcious will take over.
I am sure there are many topics on HI you can check out, i am no expert.


I think I finally know what HI is. :smile: It is true that when I initially close my eyes, all I see is orange/green/yellow (mostly yellowish-green) … dots and blobs. No flashing pin points of light or anything. Eventually I would see random ghost images as I relax deeper and deeper. I thought the images were supposed to flash very vivid, as if you were staring at a movie screen, so I was worried I don’t see proper HI. I definitely do. Sometimes there’ll be a hot woman’s face flash in front of my eyes and I’d think “Woo, hot!!” or something. The image is mostly an outline though, not full in color that is, until I get even deeper into sleep. But I fall asleep in an easy 10-15 minutes (is that considered fast?) so I rarely see more vivid HI. I stopped pressing on my eye. It was just an experiment anyway!

Check my dream journal (in the sig) and the other night I had the most textbook WILD ever and I saw incredibly vivid HI in the form of psychodelic images. I thought “Wow, so that’s what they mean by HI…” It was just as if I was staring a screen, but with my eyes closed. :smile:

In fact, I’m getting better with concentrating on it. A few times lately as I’ve started to dose off I’d catch myself checking out the scene by sloowly rolling my eyes around. The image is in my mind’s eye, but I can still look around with my eyes. Eventually I’ll be able to step into the dream, it’s just a matter of time. :smile:

Thanks guys!

Phosphenes can be generated by many ways, which follows the visual treatment in the brain (eyes, retina, visual nerves, visual cortex, etc.). When you look at a light then close your eyes, what you see are phosphenes (retina persistence of vision); when you press your eyelids, you physically excite retina cells, they send impulses to the brain which interprete them as imagery: that’s also phosphenes. Furthermore, phosphenes can be induced by subjecting the visual cortex to a magnetic field, etc. etc.
When you are asleep, the neurons which treat imagery (for instance, visual cortex neurons) are subjected to the influence of the nearest neurons, which may be activated. That’s why you see random blobs, though retina cells don’t send any impulse. What you see is the result of the different steps of the vision treatment in the brain.

I’ve seen the strange phosphene which looks like an eye of fire, too. When I saw it, I thought: “Waw! Sure they used it when imagining the Sauron’s Eye!” And there is a Victor Hugo’s poetry about the God’s eye: Cain tries to flee God’s wrath without success and as the last solution, he decided to live beneath the Earth, but when he’s in the deepest dark: “the Eye was in the tomb, and watching Cain”. So I’m pretty sure Victor Hugo saw this too. But I don’t know if it is what is called the “third eye”. :alien: