Did i OBE or WILD? *new technique*

I was trying to WILD, and since most things i tried didnt work well, i tried my own way. It’s hard to explain, but it helps to keep you aware and at the same time regulate your breathing, which helps me a lot. Basically what i do is, whatever number you count, you make that number of breahts. For example, you count and breahte like this:
1, inhale
1, exhale, 2, inhale
1, exhale, 2, inhale,3 exhale
1, inhale, 2, exhale, 3, inhale, 4

But only emphasizing the last number, so you remember where you left off. eventually, the breathing becomes automatic, but you keep on counting consciously. So far ive had 2 afternoon nap WILDS and maybe an OBE, this is where you come in to help me, since im not sure it really was an OBE.

Ok, heres how it went: I was doing this little technique, when i started to WILD (body convulsions, loud noises, etc), but this time i tried to OBE. Soon, instead of hypnagogic imagery, it was like i saw through my eyelids. I didnt really make an effort to float out, but i did, and maybe hovered a couple of feet above my body. The problem is, i got to a point where i could make no further distance, as if i were connected by a fishing line to my body. Then, i felt as if i were being “reeled in”, so to speak, by my body until i was lying on my bed completely. I must have had some FA, because the next moment, i thought i was completely awake, but a few seconds later i was being dragged around my bed (which is pretty big) by some unknown force. This seemed completely normal to me. Then i went back to sleep in my FA and drifted into some heavy erotic dream that i will not discuss here. SO, did i experience a real OBE?! oh, and also, try out this method, i want to know if anyone else can have success with it.

Entropie the far east knows this tech of you with breathing already centuries and have it made way more subtile and controled.
What you practise is a very very raw pictuire of what the far east does!
What you experienced was a trance…the inbetween level between waking and sleeping!
Its a level that is a sort of crosspoint you can use it for several things.


yeah, i know the east has used the breathing technique. But do they probably dont mix it with counting like i do, since their method, according to you, is much more sophisticated. The only reason i count is to make sure i dont actually fall into sleep without being conscious, which is why i think it works kinda well.

jeff, i thought a trance was just a state of focus. so you say i was neither dreaming nor having an OBE, then?

While everyone likes to hear about successes and “new techniques” it is always good to hear about some other person’s dream. So go on in detail about your dream, please don’t let us stop you. :grin: J/K

The best part of it all is hearing someone finding a method that works for them. (and another method for me to try. . . mwahahaha!)