Did i WILD/what happened/help plz?

Last night I did a WBTB and as I fell asleep a very vivid HI popped up, It was a scrolling view of a futuristic cityscape from above. (It seems that HI is very common for me as I fall asleep)but I remembered hearing an HI technique somewhere and I focused in on a specefic window on a building and once my view got inside everything went black. I slowly opened my eyes and realized I was in my room yet there were some slight, but noticable differences. I closed my dream eyes again but when i opened them I opened my real eyes. Did I WILD, because It seemed really easy what I did and I remained pretty aware throughout the entire process. And also if I was in a lucid dream it didnt seem like I was convinced 100% i was dreaming, should I do a RC there?

Well, you said, “I closed my dream eyes again but when i opened them I opened my real eyes.” So you were definitely in a dream.

When I WILD, sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing whether or not I might be dreaming, so doing a RC definitely helps. Not only that, but it probably stabilizes the dream as well.

If you ever notice something werid, do a RC. I have only had 2 LDs so far and I was always in a different setting so I instantly knew I was dreaming. You should do a RC anyway because, just as MatrixManNe0 said, it helps stabilize your dream.

nice, its good to know I WILD’d thanks for the advice :ok: