Did it or did not?

I had something just like a lucid dream tonight. I didn’t do any preparations just a few ‘am i not dreaming now?’ things during the day. I also thought ‘i’d like to get lucid’ before getting asleep. I was dreaming…the dream was very long when …
i noticed i’m by the pool. i thought ‘i’m lucid, that’s it!’. i said loudly that I want to see my guide. i dont remember how she looked like but i know it was She. at first i remember i saw her changing forms and then she was like a woman…she told me follow her and dived to the pool, so did I . I was swimming underwater in starnge tunnels, then flying very high and then swimming again, etc. it was wonderful…then i saw like umm neverending skies, stars, things shining brightly…and then i appeared in a room. i sat by the window and watched the city. she was telling me things i dont remember, i only remeber i was amazed, because the view was moving very fast, i saw some palaces, mansions, streets, ppl, but it moved and changed very fast. i told her i wanted to meet some ppl i know. she said she’ll try but she wasnt sure if i can. many ppl appeared in the room. before this, i thought ‘have to try ludicity…i want a banana apear in my pocket…and i found it. it tasted like banana, really. i also tried to make ceiling become painted red but it only change to violet colour. so i started talking to people. one was somewhat angry, some of them started going to me, really angry. my guide did something, they stopped for some time and then went to me. i thought i wanted to wake up. everything started spinning for a sec and i was awake. it was FA i understood…because i looked at the clock. at first it showed 00.10 and after few secs something different, but dun remember what. i thought ’ i want to WAKE UP’. it started spinning again and i woke up.

So this is it. I’m not sure, i felt unsure in my dream, everything left so blurry in my mind. maybye i just wanted to become lucid so much that i dreamed i became lucid?

BTW. i saw the post about neopets…i do play neopets every day if it matters

Please say your opinion

Sounds like a LD though I could be wrong. You could do a lot of things forcefully. Sooo… um… Yeah. Even if it’s not a LD it’s good to FLD. It means your getting there.

if its a sign that ludicity is coming…then its my second sign…a night before i was dreaming that i was talking about ludicity with someone

Your dream was most definitely a lucid dream, and a very good one at that…

Everything is blurry when you try to recall your dream, but I’m sure your dream was very vivid while you were there.

And dreaming of anything related to lucid dreaming and NOT realizing you were dreaming means you got pretty close.

great, only a few days of trying and success :wink: