Did Lucid Dreaming change your life?

I’m sure that the discovery of LDs had big influence on most of us.
I myself now:

  • think about night as an important part of life (and not as an “empty space”)
  • the same applies to my dreams
  • I know that there is some way to do everything I want to
  • and probably many other things…

What are your experiences?

An extra incentive to go to bed earlier - I’m still having trouble keeping to this though
It’s good, having goals to try and succeed in.
The moment you become lucid is uplifting
It’s something to look forward to
You get to do and see things you’d never see in real life

Lucid dreaming hasn’t exactly changed my life but this is my own fault for not putting enough effort into it. I’m hopeless at disciplining myself.

When I get up before school, it’s always like “I don’t want to go today…ugh…” But when I would have an LD, it would just make my day.

Yes. Ld has changed my life. I feel I am more consciuss than I once was. I now sit back and watch the world more.

It certianly tels you about yourself, and your desires etc. It’s good because you can deal with problems, because your dreams show you ways around them. This is better than running away from them.

I think it really has. I have spent a LOT of time here and I have spent a big portion of the last couple years thinking a lot about dreams and such. I used to hate going to bed with a passion. I thought of it as a chore, a waste of time, a stupid flaw in the human body needing sleep. I had trouble sleeping mostly because of my negative attitude. When I started exploring dreams though I found it amazing to want to sleep, it was crazy!
I have more perspective than I once did. I got too wrapped up in stupid little things. Exploring dreams made me realise that the little things dont really matter (long story) I just started realising that I had powers that others hadn’t even heard of, I loved it!

Yeah, it has. At first it affected me to a large degree, now it’s a minor thing because I don’t have LDs often… But I suspect my dreams will become more and more important to me later on.

I don’t have LDs to often, but it still effects me largly. Specialy wanting to go to bed. The only draw back is getting up in the morning.

Yeah it surely has changed my life: LDs made me live much more lucid during the day in every possible way. I don’t live anymore by “unconsciously following the crowd wherever they go”. Instead, I’m almost always aware of myself being aware that I’m the one who’s in control of my life, and not the dogmatic rules of society. And that changed my life for good. If you know what I mean :wink:

I would say that it has definitely changed my life for the better. It has help me find a better side of myself. My inner-self

I would say that is has changed my life a little. I’m usually much more perceptive IRL and in dreams. And now I have something to do during the night instead of just sleeping :grin:

That’s also how I feel about it.

Waking up after having an LD makes the morning a little brighter, though I am also disappointed when I don’t have an LD.

ooOOooo yes. I cant really put it into words, bar somtimes it is a great escape from the thing we call reality :razz:

Other times it is just damn fun, it has made me a gr8 public speaker and b more open to new things :happy: i love it plus i met u lot from it

I know, it’s weird but a lot of you I really feel I know and it’s such a fluke that we’re all here in the first place! I mean, if you look in the ‘where did you find out about ld4all’ section there are a lot of crazy things that have brought lots of the regular posters to this forum

i know what you mean it is really fantatic isnt it. Hopfuly one day we can get shared dreaming happen and all meet up… that will be a dream to remember

I wouldnt say it changed it but definately had an impact and strong influence.
Not only lding itself but also being here on the forum,having ability to post my experiences,meeting people more and less advanced.Im very happy i stumbled upon this topic some time a go for feeding my “spiritual hunger” towards all things that can be only seen when you look much much closer into them.I remember making a post about it even,i let myself post a link to it here.
ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.p … =evolution
Once again thank you to life,to lucid dreaming and to Pasquale and members of the forum:)
take care:)