Didn't stay asleep :(

Last night I stayed up all night playing games online, and when I went to sleep I was having dreams that I was in some wierd cave (probably from gaming too much :razz:)

Anyways, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing there, then all of a sudden I just realized that “I’m dreaming!!” it felt like all of a sudden I became more aware of everything around me, but then I started feeling as though I was waking up. I tried some of the tricks to stay in your dream (spinning around and telling myself that i’ll still be in my dream when I stop) but I woke up anyways :sad:
my problem was that when I had an LD on purpose for my very first time, I got really excited and I woke up…

does anyone have anything special that they do to stop from waking up? I need some tips :smile:

I’m not sure if you would like my advice, since I’ve never actually had an LD (getting close though… :razz:). However, I have come up with backup plans incase I begin getting excited/nervous. Maybe you can try these out:

  • Start reciting the alphabet mentally (preferably backwards, but since not everybody can do that, I suppose forwards will work).

  • Imagine that the air around you is lucid air. The oxygen you breathe in will give you lucidity, and the carbon dioxide you breathe out will give you better stabilization. This works for two reasons. The first is because you are believing that your respiratory system is giving you the power to prolong the LD, and the second is because you’re actually breathing in and out slowly, which is a calming technique.

  • Pretend that you’re giving a “lucid tour” to you’re peers. You can say out loud “And over here we have the [insert dream setting here]!” This will give you confidence (especially since you’re not actually speaking to an audience), and will give you better awareness since you are reciting what you are experiencing.

think this in the dream

increase my lucidity

repeat t a couple of times

worked 4 me

Rubbing my hands together usually works for me. I’ve tried spinning once but I guess I was too far gone because I woke up anyway. I’ve also shouted “maximize lucidity!” a couple times, and it made everything more vivid.