Didn't step across

I’ve had dreams where bizarre stuff happened, and instead of looking at it and saying 'That’s odd, I must be dreaming" I just accepted it. The other night, I had a dream where stuff started to get all strange. (I had a pistol and was teaching a friend how to load and clear it. ) But as I was doing it, the gun changed in my hands, stuff moved around. I noticed! I even looked at my friend and laughed, saying, “There’s something wrong with reality” I’ve had lucid dreams on several occasions, but that night, I couldn’t put two and two together. I just watched, thinking it was real, but something was wrong. I woke up disappointed that I’d missed such a perfect oppertunity. Anyone else been that close without stepping across?

All the time…
I start out with an iq of about 15 in my early dreams and get smarter and smarter towards the morning. :smile:
And that’s when i become lucid…

yeah it’s pretty frustrating… I have dreams like that every night, but only about 3-4 LD’s a month…but I know what you’re talking about.

I hate that feeling, when you know that you were so close to getting another LD. Last night, I was dreaming and my shirt changed from one to another, I thought, ‘oh, i’d better do a RC, because I’d really hate myself If I didn’t catch this easy dream sign!’ I looked briefly at my hands, but didn’t bother to count and continued on my dream :cry: I mean really! :eek:

Well, I took a nap today, and was lucid for a while, the dream fell apart a couple times, and I managed to pull it back. I think it’s easier if you have an eccessive amount of sleep. But I lost lucidity later.

Ps. I like the quote in your sig, Charlottedreamer. Good books :smile:

thanks Archrin!