Difference between natural and "normal" LDers

Hi there, here it goes: Has there been any scientific research on natural lucid dreamers? I think that if we could find the difference between those lucky people :tongue: and normal dreamers, and if that’s applicable to normal dreamers with some method or drug or anything, bingo! we have found the key to lucidity! I hope you get my idea, it seems logic, naturals have something we don’t have. That something should be the key. What do you people think about this?

Perhaps it has something to do with a “natural” increased awareness in these natural LD-ers. If that is true, it could be hard to fix a drug to LD. However, there are some chemicals in our brains that regulate critical awareness (which shuts down at night when we sleep), so perhaps it would be possible after all?

Xkyzero, science has done research on what makes the difference between normal dreamers and lucid dreamers and it showed that compared to normal dreamers the frontal cortex was more active with the lucid dreamers.
But that doesnt mean bingo u can make everyone get lds.

Oh so that’s the difference? I didn’t know that. It’s interesting, probably, in the future, there will be a way to kind of “stimulate” the frontal cortex in a progressive way, like a therapy, so you become more natural everyday… Just a thought… Or the future lucid dreaming devices could use this technology don’t you think so?

Xkyzero, yes i think thats quite possible! :smile:
I read some docs about activation of brainparts with strong magnetic rotating fields so why not stimulate the frontal cortex this way while someone is a sleep.

if i remember right there are also some magnetic and eltro magnetic devices that can stimilate diffferent areas of the brain… attach a few wires here and a few there. … Anyone here know about ECG? we could always zap someone and make them rewire their brain to have LDs all the time… pretty out there way to do it tho i think we can all rewire our brain without doing that :wink:

I wonder if the natural ability to LD can be inherited, and if it is genetic or social inheritance? My mother is a lucid dreamer, and so am I, and two of my brothers.

i wouldnt be surprised at all :smile: but my mum and dad are not lders but my bro and i are. i don t know about my grandparents tho i know one side isnt, its weird to talk to them about it they shut me out :confused:

I wouldn’t be suprised if there is a bit of both in there. Possibly natural LDers have some sort of genetic disposition, but there needs to be an evironmental trigger to start it off. That would explain why you and your brother have lucid dreams and your parents don’t.

I for sure think partly its inherited also your own development.
For instance ppl that do for years za zen meditation often get lucid dreams as a bonus with it for free.