Difference in WILD's & DILD's

When I have a DILD they are always very vivid and exciting, with lots of color. But when I fall asleep into a lucid dream (WILD), I always step out of my body into my bedroom, which is always very dark. I try to turn on the lights, but nothing happens. I always end up searching the house in darkness, trying to find a way to brighten up the dream. I usually lose interest and fall back asleep.

Has anyone else noticed a difference in WILD’s and DILD’s? If so, is there a way to “turn on the lights,” so to speak?

I know what u mean. 95 percent of the time my LDs are from WILDs. I rarely have a DILD. And I lucid dream a lot. At least once every three days I will have a lucid dream or sleep paralysis or both. I notice that the WILDS are not as exciting to me at least. But then again I forgot how DILDs feel like cuz I didn’t have one in a long time.

Interesting - I had the idea the WILD’s would be better if I could get them to work.

I’ve only once had a WILD (my first ever LD). I found it to be very vivid ( especially the sounds) but I lost concentration and went into a normal dream.

But ever since, i haven’t been able to get past the hynagogic stage (which is fun anyway).

I’ve had many DILD’s (assuming that stands for Dream Induced Lucid Dream) but usually wake up a few seconds to a minute later. I have attributed this to the fact that I was in the process of waking up anyway. Its as though my conciousness is waking up before my body is but it is usually inevitable that I will fully wake up very soon.

I figured that if I could WILD, the LD could be much longer because I would begin it at the start of a REM period rather than at the end of one.

The level of LD can vary a lot, you can get brilliant DILD and poor WILD, but I’d say WILD’s are the best, however, I don’t get so many DILDs so I could be wrong.
But I think because when you enter wild you have gone to sleep 1 second ago, and so your brains will be very aware and you’ve got all the goods to make very cool lucid-experience.
Don’t forget to tell your brains to get more color, better senses and vividness, if needed. :smile: