Different expierences while dream recalling (need some help)

Hello,fellow dreamers.
Sometimes i feel myself in dreams,they are pretty realistic and vivid and i remember them in the morning like fresh memories,and sometimes i just wake up and remember my dreams like old memories (ussualy it’s just fragments) . It’s really hard to explain,but i hope you understand me. I’m thinking it depends on lucidity level you have while dreaming,so i wanted to ask,can you become aware that you’re dreaming at low lucidity level dream?

I agree with you that the dream type influences dream recall. For instance, more vivid dreams tend to produce fresh and exciting memories, while blurry dreams feel like a movie that you’ve watched a year ago.

You can become lucid in any dream, however. Whether it’s non-vivid or vivid, it doesn’t matter. When you become lucid, you can stabilize the dream and increase its vividness. That should help while recalling the dream afterwards and it should feel more “fresh” and exciting.

Thanks for fast replay and glad to see you’re still active lder :wink: