different points of view

Hello and merry Christmas to all. Lately I have been having a lot of dreams in 3rd person and sometimes even 2nd person. Just last night I had a dream where it started out in 3rd person point of view (like watching a movie), then switched to 1rst person then I saw out of the eyes of my friend then back to 3rd person then ended off with first person again. Now if I realized that my view was switching left and right I would be able to realize I’m dreaming way easily. My question is what can I do during the day, maybe while doing a RC, that will help me understand that I’m seeing out of different eyes while I’m dreaming? Like asking myself something that if I asked in a dream it would trigger my mind to realize I’m dreaming.

Thanks in advance.

I would suggest that every time you do an RC, you also ask yourself if your point of view has changed. Think back over the last hour or so, and see if you can find any changes in point of view. That should also be a good RC. :wink:

thanks don I’ll try that

Uhh, i had that, its a strange feeling.

It took me a few minutes to realise that im seeing myself in 3rd person.