Differentiating dreams

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Is it possible to remember several dreams in one sleep session ?
I was able to remember 3 dreams i saw tonight, but only because i woke up twice.
If you can claim to remember several dreams - how do you know how many you saw ? Dreams topic can change in most unpredictable fashion sometimes…

Well, seeing as sleep cycles last around 90 minutes each, and at the end of each sleep cycle is REM stage, and most people sleep for longer than 90 minutes a night, yes. It definitely is possible.

Exactly how ?

There are several REM intervals during the night, one every 90 minutes or so. If you wake up after a REM period, you remember your dreams. Still, sometimes you think you had several different dreams when it was the same REM period, but usually you remember dreams from the different REM periods.

Still, what exactly makes you think that you saw two dreams instead of one changing in the process ?

It’s usually up to you. If there’s a big gap in your recall and the part that happened before is way too different from the part that comes after the gap, you can call it two dreams—you might be wrong, but who cares, it’s your journal, you’re organizing the information.

Some people indicate this by finishing a dream record with a jump or a snip and then writing the new dream’s title immediately after it, so people get there’s continuity from one to the other.

The other way around is possible: sometimes you wake up in the middle of a dream, but there’s so much cohesion between the thing that happened before and what happened after that you decide to call the whole thing a dream.

This question is pretty much the same as “how can I tell when a paragraph ends and another one begins?” There are some general guidelines, but it’s usually the writer—or in this case, the dreamer—who makes the final decision.