difficult to find my SG

Before I ever had a LD I had imagined my SG already. Now I failed 5 times finding him/her/it.
Is there a connection?
Maybe it isn’t clever to have a wrong SG in your mind.
(My imagined SG is a Snowleopard)

Instead of finding your SG, why not call out to him/her/it in your mind and wait for a response? There could be a chance your SG doesn’t wish it is the right time to see you. I for one have not met my DG or SG yet.

Welcome Flohx! :wave:
Maybe your spirit guide may not be the way you imagined it. Try to keep an open mind, and call for him/her/it. Be ready to accept it, whatever it may be, and I’m sure you’ll have a nice meeting ^^

Hi, Flohx and welcome to the forum!

The two posters above gave some good hints. :tongue: It’s funny, the times I’ve looked for my SC (I’ll consider SC, SG, DG, higher self or whatever to be the same…) he/she/it seemed to avoid me :eh:

A good idea might be shouting out to the dream things like “show yourself” and then wait. If it doesn’t work, try again. And again. Things, for me at least, after a few times seem to end up working…