difficulties flying

sometimes I have this dream that I can’t get off the ground when I’m trying to fly. It’s pretty scary, someone is usually chasing me and there is an urgent need for me to fly off and get saved.
What does this mean?
Sometimes I dream that I’m invisible to all but the children. I fly above the heads, unnoticed to (almost) all and I’m a bit anxious to be seen by the kids.
What does this mean?

What it means is you shouldn’t run away. You need to stop and face you fear. Trust me. After you do you’ll do alot better.

Although it sounds a bit questionable, pediophobia, fear of children and dolls can lie behind your anxiousness. Fear, can to many sound exaggerated, and to most it is. However, considering the fact that children maim and kill toughtlessly (ex. insects etc.) it is possible that you sometimes re-call your own childhood.

To very young children moral does not exist (known as moral reciprocal). When I was young I once dreamt that a child gnawed off my hand. Also recognising the fact that movies featuring Chucky etc. sell good suggest the above emotions surprisingly common (or appealing due to their grotesqueness).

Best Wishes