Diffrent Feeling Other then Vibrations

Well today I woke up for school an looked at the clock an I saw I had a good hour left so I went to sleep thinking about how my math grade sux. So I began to feel very weird I was Pretty much doing WILD But I dident feel vibrations I felt my arms ‘‘Raise’’ an i also got a Hard on A REALLY hard one an then my hands dropped an I lost the hard. Then I thought to myself ‘‘Did it work?’’ as in Am I in the dream world an I could Hear My self think it so then i thought yea it worked I later jumped out of the window in my room and attempted to fly but could only float I then woke up …good way to start ur day. but has anyone felt anything else other than vibrations or falling?

ive never felt the vibrational thing (except in a weird dream where i was some sort of monk and tried to meditate and ‘woke up’ into ‘golden’ electric feeling vibration) but im quite sure vibrations have to do with OBE (out of body experiences) if you believe in such you should investigate. But as for feeling something other than vibrations in the few OBE that ive had ive felt like i was floating out of my body and could not stop it. Or parts of me like a limb or two would be ‘detached’ and i could not get beyond that. By detached i mean you couldnt feel it if you wanted to from your current perspective (i believe cuz your head is still attatched) so its focusing on that feeling and detaching the rest they say, i havent had much luck in regards to that. My OBE are always spontaneous though im starting to piece together what i experience before having one (my memory isnt too good in regards to such). Hope that helped.