Digital painting: sharing knowledge?

I had some tries in digital painting with Photoshop, and I’m rather proud of my last one. I’ve some touching up to do, then I’ll show you. :smile:

If my next tries are so satisfying, I’ll plan to buy a pen tablet (I’m painting with my mouse… :sad: ). Have some of you a pen tablet? Could you give me some advices? I think I’ll buy a Wacom, but I hesitate between Graphire and Intuos.

Moreover, do you know where I can find a site where people exchange their knowledge about digital painting?

Oh I have intuos 2 and it ROCKS. It’s more better since it’s higher in resolution when you put pressure on it… more true than graphire. I recommend 8x6… it’s awesome! I used to have 4x6 graphire and it sucked. LOL is very helpful… professional place, but they’re pretty helpful. :happy:

Thank you for your advices, DM7. :smile:
Linda Bergkvist has the same pen tablet than you have (Intuos A5). If it makes me do as pretty paintings as your ava and her work, I’ll buy it immediatly! :tongue:

Hahaha, it’s very nice… no promise if it would make you a pretty artwork since there’s no a such shortcut for that. :lol: But it should be helpful. :biggrin:

i have wacom intuos a3. If you can afford it, take a bigger one, a5 is just too small to draw on.

A3? :eek: It’s big too much for my desk! :lol:

get a bigger desk :razz:

A3 is huuuuge. A5 is huge enough for me LOL. To be honest. 6x8 is the best budget for professional intuos tablet… Not too small and you still can have fun! :happy: sometimes larger doesn’t mean its better… Way more movements and you might get tired from moving a lot. 6x8 is a reasonable size for me… Not too large. But its up to you… If you want a5 then so be it. :smile: