DILD and false awakening question

It seems the 5 lucid dreams i have had have ALL been result of DILD and a false awakening. I usually realize im dreaming in a dream then i “wake up” and know that im dreaming so i always get out of bed and go explore, well tonight i finally got out of the house and flew to other places which was awesome. I was just wondering if this is a common thing, not that i care where my LD starts just wondering if this happens to a lot of people?


Well, I usually don’t get lucid in FA’s… (That’s why I’ve started RC’s everytime I wake up :razz:)…

yeah see the first 4 i did reality checks but last nights was like i woke up and just knew it was an LD so i rubbed my hands to get it stabalized and stuff then went on my merry way lol

It happens to a lot of people. Neither all their LD’s begin by a FA, nor they always contain a FA, but I would say FA’s happen in about 1 LD in 4.