DILD - Being Alone Is Important?

I’ve observed something interesting from my last two lucid dreams, so I thought I’d share it.

About three nights ago, I was having a normal dream. At one point I was alone in a bathroom, looking in a mirror. At this point I realised something wasn’t right, and lucidity followed. Later that day, I thought to myself that I may have found a clue to the lucid dreaming puzzle. When you think about it, your dream self tends always to be occupied during dreams - how often are you ever alone with nothing to do in a dream? It is as if you are being prevented from thinking about the true reality of the situation by means of misdirection.

Having thought about this a bit, I went to bed last night intending to have a lucid dream. At one point during a normal dream, I ended up in a waiting room - someone told me they would be with me in a minute, and then I was alone. In a relatively empty room, with nothing to do but wait. Excellent :wink: The realisation hit me within seconds, and I became lucid.

So, two lucid dreams in a row sharing something in common - I became lucid each time after I was left alone in my dream. It seems that in the absence of the usual heavy dream stimuli, its a lot easier for your dream self to make the connection. Perhaps even thinking about this is more likely to render you alone in a dream at some point, or in particular, could make you more likely to become lucid once you get lucky and get a moment to yourself during a dream.

Opinions are welcome. I’m going to give this more thought, and if I have any further lucid dreams initiated this way, I’ll post them here.


I’ve noticed the same thing :content: It’s most likely because we get a little time to think about what we really are doing. The only problem for me is that I’m very rarely alone in a dream :neutral:

Good observation.

There probably wouldn’t be a spare second in my dreams where i’m not late for something or running from something. Maybe our subconsciousness doesent want us to become lucid and maybe LD could have harmful long term effects.
Well i’m not stopping. :cool:

Sounds like a good thing you’re on there! It seems logical that your dream is constantly busy (regarding the information processing that happens during REM sleep). Would there be a possibility to induce a lonely dream? (using a MILD-like technique?) That would be called a LDILD - Lonely Dream Induced Lucid Dream! (bad joke, i know.)

This is the same with me, but its definetely worth a try- i’d never thought of it that way, but often when you get some realisation its when your given a spare second to think!

Good points. Let us know how it turns out Xine!

It happened to me a lot of times that i was starting to realise i was dreaming, and immediately a DC told me “Nah, i don’t believe in any of that stuff, really. Come on, lets go this way!”. It’s like a game… you have to outsmart your own unconscious mind, haha!

now that i love!!! :happy: lol its great. i used to think like that a lot and got a lot of lucid dreams form it ! :happy: nice!

mmmm being alone could also be counted as a dream sign, focus on that, like u r doing and you will have lucids for sure. well that is clear u already are :happy:.

my dreams seem to work in phases, some dreams there are a large amount of poeple, crowds i mean heaps! in other dreams is so alone i go lucid just to have more company! lol. but i have found that when i am alone, there is always my behind voice in my dreams very clearly, maybe i just pay more attention to it.

nice insight!

It’s kinda humourous to think that the sub-c is so devious that it manifests dream characters to keep you occupied preventing you from LDing. And on top of that, the DCs lie a lot of the time.

There are often family members in my dreams when i become lucid. DC’s don’t usually try to make me believe it is real, but sometimes RCs fail when i try to show them to a DC.

There are people around me in almost all my dreams, and it doesn’t really stop me from getting lucid. I usually don’t bother about them and fly away :tongue: Last night, I had an LD and wanted to test my DCs: I said I was lucid, and one of stared at me as if I had become some god or something, and then he said “Lucid? Huh? Hmmm I want to be lucid too!” :lol:

It’s like my unconscious wants me to be busy in my dreams all the time. Last night i had a dream where i was getting a speeding ticket for driving 225km/h in my BMW (I don’t even own a car IRL, hows that for a dreamsign). When the officer walked away to get his notebook, a song popped into my head (‘do nothing till you hear from me’) and i suddenly saw a piano next to me, so i started playing that song.

As if my unconscious voices are going:
“Oh sh*t, he’s alone for a second! What shall we do?”

  • “Urm, put a piano in there.’”


LMFAO! :content: thats funny as all hell! lol

[color=green]Hi everyone

I am always alone in my dream. Rarely do i am surrounded by people in my dream.

To that effect, i have always said that brain is the biggest enemy if you want to go lucid. Its like lucid and brain have something against each other.[/color]

dont u get lonely?

[color=green]Hi Timeless_soul

Never :smile: [/color]

I have lucid dreams triggered when Im not alone.

WOW I never knew my subconscious was THAT smart. Strangely enough there never seems to be any crowds in my dreams I just always seem to be occupied.

Piano :rofl:

Hey all, thanks for the replies. Some interesting examples of the ‘lucidity repression’ orchestrated by the subconscious there, the piano in particular ^^

I’m very curious as to why the subconscious typically bombards us with stimuli, seemingly to prevent lucidity. The fact that there is such a powerful part of the human mind that eludes our understanding and control is extremely interesting in itself…

The question is, is the constant stimuli of the subconscious a defense mechanism designed literally to keep us out (for some mysterious reason), or merely a side-effect of the creative, random nature of the subconscious mind that just happens to prevent the conscious mind from imposing itself?

Xine, prelucid dreams are dreams in which the subconscious tries to make you lucid. Moreover, there are DC’s in lucid dreams who make you lose your lucidity, but you can also find DC’s who help you in becoming lucid.
So there is no defense mechanism against lucidity, just tendencies which help it and tendencies which refrain it.

That is completely wrong. Only because sweets taste good (your brain makes them taste good) doesn’t mean they are good for you. It is because you have the same brain the humans 100,000 years ago had.
Additionally you are part of your brain. If you think your brain is against anything you want to do, you have some serious issues (quite frankly a lot of people have these issues and don’t even know)
And the subconsciousness isn’t “smart”. Man, when i hear that crap, I wish Freud never lived. That guy came up with some bullcrap, it’s unbelievable.