DILD: do LD quality vary according to methods ?

Last month, I was trying autosuggestion alone (“This night, I’ll realize I’m dreaming”). I got very few LD’s, but they were rather long and high lucid. I’ve remembered some dream objectives, succeeded in some of them. Dream control, dream vividness are rather good.

This month, I’m trying RC’s alone. I’m getting more LD’s but lucidity is very low. I never remember to stare at my hands (though it’s my main RC IRL :eh: ). Thus, of course, LD’s only last a couple of seconds. Vividness is incredibly bad: sometimes it looks more like HI than LD’s. :bored:

I’ve read some comments in Bouchet’s thesis which tend to assert that lucidity quality and content may differ according to the induction technique. This is obvious between WILD and DILD. But did you notice something like that according to different DILD techniques?

Not really.And not only to MILD techs but to any.Ive tried almost any ld inducing tech and had small successes with them.As for me i used to go with MILD, now i prefer WILD -my lds are of different quality and of different control but i wouldnt say its due to the method.More to state of mind- sometimes i seem more concentrated,fresh; sometimes tired and sleepy.This is usually reflected in my lds.
Never heard of any study about that but if i was to guess id say technique has very little to do with ld itself.
Take care:)

For me DILDs are usually most vivid and most enjoyable experiences, but they vary only depending how tired i am. For example when i have DILD during heavy sleep the visuals in LD are pretty bad. But if it happens after sleeping enough hours (and my brain has had enough sleep) my DILDs are almost perfect.

And yes, there are some differences for me comparing DILD with OBE-s, and WILD. When those OBE-s are heavily induced, the result is in most times low vividness during OBE. When those OBE-s happen more easily (for example i wake up, and enter into SP in some seconds), then they are comparable to my best LD-s. When i induce a dream (trying to enter into it, or “create” it), i’m also having not good success with it’s quality.

So for me: with some exceptions, the more natural the method is (for example MILD, DILD) the best LD is resulting from it.

I don’t have experience with varying induction techniques. What I do is RCs and a sort of autosuggestion. But I have noticed that when my lucidity is sparked by a RC, I get a much higher lucidity (remember RL events and dream goals) then when I become lucid by noticing something strange (like flying people) or a familiar dream sign, and the LDs with the least lucidity are usually those where I spontaneously become lucid. Sometimes after I become lucid, I do a few RCs, and that usually increases my lucidity. It’s like RCs have been subconsciously linked with a sudden increase in awarness. As for comparing WILDs and DILDs, there’s no difference in lucidity or vividness for me, except that a WILD starts out kinda hazy, but if I succeed in stabilizing it, it becomes as vivid as a regular DILD; my DILDs, however, don’t need stabilizing.

There’s not that much difference between methods as far as I know. My WILDs tend to be higher lucidity but I’ve also had high lucidity MILDs. The only difference for me is that I usually wake up from WILDs and loose lucidity in MILDs but that might just be that I expect it to happen, and it doesn’t always work that way either.

I don’t find any difference. But I do prefer when I come lucid through a RC - mainly cos it comes as such a surprise. Even better when the RC was just a random one :wink:.